Which is the best portable phone charger?

Do you have issues keeping your electronics powered up? We’re going to figure out which is the best portable charger for you. In recent years, portable power banks are revolutionizing approaches to keeping your phone and other electronics juiced up.

In the world of 2021, having power is a necessity for work, safety, and fun. The anxiety of your phone dying at certain moments will cause unnecessary stress. However, if you keep a portable phone charger and power bank around, you won’t need to stress. 

Here are some of our favorite power banks to make sure all of your electronics stay alive. 

Styles of Portable Phone Chargers

Outdoor Portable Chargers

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Ultra Power Bank

This portable phone charger is built to withstand the rigors of nature. Outdoor tech makes sure that your charger is water and dust-resistant. Its durability combined with a massive amount of storage is the trademarks of this power bank. 

Tech Specs:

  • 7,800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Charge most phones 3 times on a single charge
  • Intelligent Charging Technology
  • 100 lumen LED light 
  • Strobe light setting for safety

Solar Portable Phone Charger

SolVolt Power Charger

Solar is the future of electricity and this charger is powered by the sun. Wearable on a backpack or your dashboard, this charger is a green option. You can feel good about this purchase by moving in the solar direction. 


  • Solar-powered = free power
  • Clips to backpacks
  • Charges multiple devices at once
  • Compact and lightweight

Anker PowerCore Fusion

This portable phone charger hosts 2 USB and 1 micro-USB port to keep everything powered. With 5000mAh of juice, the amount of times you can charge a phone is around 3. Not to mention the high-speed charging capabilities with the Anker power core fusion. 


  • Tiny size
  • Lightweight
  • 3 Charging ports
  • Micro-USB option

What to Look for in a Portable Phone Charger?

  • Make sure the charger has enough juice to power you back up quickly.
  • Look at the charging times for the power bank. You want it to be fully charged in the morning.
  • Size and weight. No one wants to lug around a battery that can start a car.
  • Port options. There are standard USB-only models. However, there are also multi-port portable phone chargers as well. 

Reasons to Buy a Portable Phone Charger

We all have our phones die at the most inopportune times. Leaving us with a feeling of disconnection. While it can be great for the mind to disconnect now and then. Generally, you’ll want the comfort of having your devices charged and usable. 

Having a portable phone charger and laptop charger is becoming increasingly more important. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. The world realized the potential of working remotely and employees had to adapt. Although many stay next to a wall charger at home. Others have been working in different locations and need to have the power to maintain their job. 

Portable Phone Chargers are the Future

As I mentioned, portable and solar are the future. The sun is an abundant resource and with newer and more affordable solar technology coming out, people will take advantage. Not only with semi-free energy, but by working remotely as well. It is the era of using technology and getting more free time. 

Other Uses for Portable Chargers

Nowadays, you can charge nearly anything from a portable charger. Cameras, tablets, and computers are all able to be charged by a power bank. Just remember, if you are going to use multiple ports for computers and phones at the same time. You will need a portable charger that holds around 10,000 mAh to 13,000 mAh. This ensures you that you’ll be bumping tunes or closing deals via your phone and computer. 

Speaking of tunes, a portable charger is great to have if you own a portable speaker. You might be camping, sitting by the pool, or wherever you like to listen to audio. By having a power bank, you can assure yourself and your friends that the music never stops! 


The smartphone of today is the lifeblood of so many people, keeping that connection to others is necessary. Through work or social life, it’s part of modern life. We need devices to move through this day in age. 

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