What is the difference between a power bank and a portable charger?

Mobile phones and other mobile devices have absolutely changed the way people both do business and live their personal lives. They’re ever-present and everywhere, but there are still certain confusions which exist when people consider how they charge their mobile devices. People use a variety of different chargers and devices to charge, but often don’t know exactly what they’re using. What is a power bank? What is a portable charger?

The terms and items are similar but there are some minute differences between the two that not many know about. Power banks are often bigger and store more energy for a variety of functions and items whereas portable chargers are smaller and, as the name implies, portable. The differences don’t stop there, though. Read ahead to learn about the differences between power banks and portable chargers, so you can become better equipped to shop for one or the other when the time is right.

What’s the Difference?

Power banks and portable chargers are actually incredibly similar. In fact, general consensus states that all portable chargers are actually types of power banks. Power banks are supplies of energy used to power things, like a large set of batteries used to power a facility or large device like a television or a car. Power banks are often immobile, but they can be bulky and difficult to carry as well. In addition, power banks are often used to power things right away, or power things which will be in constant use, like a building.

Portable chargers are an offshoot of the power bank. Portable chargers are, as the name implies, portable, being carried from people’s homes to their cars and into office buildings and airports. Portable chargers measure their capacity in mAh, which is a measurement of how quickly a charger can charge a device.

Portable chargers are often used to charge smaller electrical devices such as phones and laptops but can charge other devices as well. The larger a charger is, the faster it can power a device and the longer that device will last, on average. Both power banks and portable chargers can multiple devices at once, though there are some portable chargers which can only charge one device at a time.

The number of devices a portable charger can charge at a time largely depends on the amount of mAh it carries and how large it is. So the answer is straightforward – power banks are large and mostly immobile, while portable chargers are just the opposite. In addition, most portable chargers are simply smaller, more flexible variations of a power bank.

Great Portable Chargers on the Market

There are a number of powerful and dependable portable chargers on the market today, but there are three in particular which have become staples and are highly popular among the general population. The first is the INIU 10000 mAh Portable Charger. This is a great product because it has a large mAh number, meaning it will charge your phone very quickly and charge it multiple times before the charger itself has to be juiced again.

Although there’s only one output port and one input port, the charger is quite small and light for the capacity it carries, weighing only six ounces. This is a great charger which works quickly and efficiently.

The second most dependable charger on the market currently is the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000. Anker chargers usually take the top spot for the most dependable and fastest chargers on the market, but the INIU is new to the market and has impressed very quickly. The Anker PowerCore has a staggering 20100 mAh, meaning it will charge devices blisteringly fast, but weights almost double the previous charger, at a weight of twelve ounces.

Despite being heavier and slightly bulkier than the INIU, the Ankwer PowereCore Slim 10000 is a great charger to use when you need power quickly and efficiently. There are other portable chargers which work great and will quickly power many devices, but these two are by far the most efficient and reliable for their cost and weight.

Understanding the Difference

When searching online for a great online portable charger, it’s best not to mix up terms and end up searching for a much less practical power bank. In addition, knowing which portable chargers are the most trusted on the market will save you time and energy and ensure you’re scammed out of your hard earned money. Portable chargers are not difficult to find online, but finding one that works consistently and will keep your mobile devices running for years down the road is a taller order.

In order to shop with information and a purpose, it’s important to know about mAh and what capacity your phone can hold on a single charge. This information will help you find a charger quickly and one which is affordable for your mobile devices’ power and energy needs. Buying a portable charger that’s too powerful really only costs you money in the long run.

An Awesome Variety

As more mobile devices, and even immobile devices, spring up throughout the years, companies will be making an incredible variety of charging units and increasingly sophisticated power banks. This technology is rapidly evolving and is being used to power more intricate machines which require stronger and stronger capacities to function normally. As time goes on, portable chargers may hold a greater charge for a more reasonable price, as larger and larger power banks are made to satisfy global technological needs.

On an individual level, however, the portable charger isn’t looking to be going anywhere anytime soon, as mobile devices are not getting all that much bigger and their need for greater mAh is quickly dwindling. To stay in the know and in an attempt not to overpay for a portable charger, you can search online for a chart which shows you the mAh needs of your phone and other devices.

The Bottom Line

Portable chargers and power banks may seem like the same items at first glance, but they’re really not. While a portable charger is, in effect, a type of power bank, proper power banks will be large and usually power their devices continually. In addition, there are several great portable chargers on the market today, including but not limited to the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 and the INIU 10000 Portable Charger. If you need portable charging, these are the two most reliable and dependable items on the market today. Finally, it’s important to keep in mind the distinction when shopping just to make your purchasing easier and more efficient.

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