Verizon FIOS Backup Battery Replacement

Imagine your power goes out. Your home phone line is run through Verizon’s FIOS fiber optic network. You aren’t sure how long the power will be out and your cell phone only has so long. Even with a power bank, you’re running on borrowed time before you lose your communication with the outside world, short of leaving the house and going somewhere. Without that, you wouldn’t have a way to get help in an emergency. What do you do?

That’s where a backup power source can make all the difference and having a reliable backup battery for your FIOS-powered home phone is crucial. Having the Universal Power Group UB1270 Verizon FIOS Replacement Battery could be that saving grace you need in that moment.

Tech Specs

● Voltage: 12V 7Ah

● Battery Weight: 4.8 lbs

● LxWxH: 5.95”x3.94”x2.56”

● Rechargeable: Yes

● Battery Type: SLA/AGM

● Mountable: Yes

● Warranty: 1 Year


● Mountable

● Resists Shock & Vibration

● 2-4 Year Lifespan

● Easy Install

● Price


● ‘Battery Beep’

● No Terminal Adaptors

● Requires Frequent Recharge

Having any backup battery is better than no backup battery and the Universal Power Group UB1270 Verizon FIOS Replacement Battery offers that added amount of security for less money than you would spend on a Verizon-brand battery. The simple fact that you have a back up to your FIOS power source can ease your mind and keep you up and running in the event of a power outage.

With the Universal Power Group UB1270 Verizon FIOS Replacement Battery, you have the benefit of it being mountable so you can easily affix it in any position that you need to attach it to the existing terminals. It also boasts the ability to resist shocks and vibration, making it a great option if your in an earthquake-prone zone or if your garage door is particularly aggressive.

As far as the lifetime of the battery, it should have the ability to last between two and four years based on its power and output – 12 volts and 7Ah. However, one of the most frequent complaints of this battery is the unpredictability of its usage. Some who bought this battery found it dying within a few months, while others experienced the more expected amount of years with this backup battery. While this can scare off some potential customers, it’s important to note that differences in environment, temperature, and typical usage of the battery might contribute to the seemingly erratic reporting.

One of the other most commented on features of the Universal Power Group UB1270 Verizon FIOS Replacement Battery is the price. Many purchasers of this replacement noted spending about half as much as they would have had they bought the Verizon name-branded version. And so, for the price of $20, replacing it more frequently, as some reviewers commented, isn’t as much of a monetary inconvenience as it is a general inconvenience.

While longevity is questionable, the install is unquestioningly easy. By simply following the easy-to-DIY instructions provided by Verizon, you can have your Universal Power Group UB1270 Verizon FIOS Replacement Battery hooked up in minutes. If you can follow basic instructions, you can switch out this battery with your old FIOS backup.

One unusual complaint to take note of is the annoying ‘battery beep’ that happens when your FIOS box when it registers the backup battery as being low. You may have to plan on recharging your backup battery every few months or you’ll hear the incessant beep that could drive anyone insane. Although that’s more of an issue with older FIOS boxes in general, rather than specifically a battery issue.

All in all, this is a great backup to have, especially for the price. For $20, you can have some added assurance that you can still use your FIOS services in an emergency. Even if you do have to recharge it more frequently than other backup batteries or replace it a little more often than you’d expect, it’s a $20 expense to feel more secure in your own home.

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