The DeWalt FlexVolt is Great for What it’s Designed to Do!


The DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station packs the power you need at a remote job site, camping, or during an unexpected outage. With four-port parallel chargers and four 20V battery charger slots, it is one of the most flexible portable batteries on the market. The compact and lightweight (18 pounds) portable power station is your best choice for a worker on the go. Plus, with no need for gas, there’s no dealing with fumes or loud noises. Additionally, the 1800-watt power station has some of the highest run times on the market. For example, you can get 459 cuts from a circular saw or seven hours running an LED TV. It is the perfect product for anyone who uses power tools regularly. Its flexible charging capabilities, compact design, and charging capacity set it apart in the large market of portable charging stations.

Technical Specs

· 18 pounds

· Rated 1800 watts & Max Output: 3600 watts

· Max Current 20 Amps

· Charging Rate 2.0 Amps

· DeWalt batteries not included

· 4 Port Parallel Chargers

· 4 20V Max Battery Chargers, 15 amps out

· 3 Year Warranty

Detailed Review

The DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station is the right product for a worker on the go or an alternative to a generator. The design is surprisingly durable despite the sleek and compact look. DeWalt put a lot of effort into making the power station functionally, but also easy to handle and able to take the average punishment you’d expect from the hazards of those who would need this product. Weighing only 18 pounds, this is the sleekest, most transportable power station you can find on the market, especially considering its charging capabilities.

Speaking of which, the charging capabilities of this product is where it shines. First of all, it is incredibly versatile when it comes to what you are trying to power. There are four ported chargers for corded tools or electronics and four DeWalt battery charging ports for cordless tools. This offers a lot of flexibility for workers on a job site with limiting access to power. You don’t have to worry about being able to charge all your tools because this portable station has most of the ports you will need.

Not to mention, the runtimes for the DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station are amazing. For example, you can 175 holes using a stud and joist drill connected to the power station. Its high charging capacity also positions this product as a cheaper or easier alternative to a generator. Some customers claim it ran their fridges or sump pumps for over five hours during a power outage. It is significantly easier to set up compared to a generator and does not come with fumes or loud noises while using it. If you need a power source in a remote job site, camping trip, or just a home this is a fantastic product on the market.

The DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station is great, but specifically for what it was intended to do. If you are looking for a universal power station that can charge a variety of different devices, this may not be the product you need. The power station is meant for power tools. It uses a modified sin wave, not a pure sine wave. Sine waves deal specifically with the type of devices you can charge without worrying about damaging the device. Most power tools charge on modified sine waves, but what are called “fine electronics” like cell phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops need pure sine waves to charge properly. Prolonged charging using modified sine waves on “fine electronics” can damage the internal battery on them.

Now, your TV or cell phone should not get damaged from a one-time charge using the DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station, but it also should not be your long-time remote charging solution for these types of devices. You can tell the product was not designed to charge these types of products because it lacks charging ports typically associated with them like USBs or the 12V cigarette port. DeWalt designed this power station with power tools in mind.

So, if you are looking for a power station for your power tools because you are a worker on the go, this product is a great choice. If you are looking for a power station for a wider variety of devices, you should move on to other products.

Review Summary

This power station is the perfect sidekick for a worker on the go. It is lightweight (18 pounds), compact, and built to last. It powers almost any type of power tool you could use at a job site, and when compared to a generator, it does the same thing but without the loud noises and fumes. You cannot go wrong with adding this product to your job site, especially if you are frequently working in places with limited power options. This product is perfect for what it was designed to do, which is to provide power options for power tools. If you are looking for a more power station that charges a variety of different devices like laptops or cell phones, you should look elsewhere. The DeWalt FlexVolt Power Station uses modified sine waves, which can damage electronics like cell phones or laptops.


· Flexible charging capabilities with 4 parallel port chargers, and 4 20V battery chargers

· Compact, lightweight, and very durable

· Quiet and no fumes

· Long runtimes for wireless and corded power tools

· Easy & quick alternative to generator


· Can damage electronics like laptops, cell phones, or TVs after prolonged use

· Batteries not included

· Expensive

· Lacks extra ports like USB

Price: 479.95

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