Stanley Portable Power Station

Overall Score: 6.6 / 10

  • Material Quality 8
  • Battery Life 6
  • Durability 6

The Stanley FATMAX Professional Power Station was designed as an all-purpose power station. You can inflate tires, jumpstart your car, or charge your electronics. There’s nothing worse than being without your phone or tablet, so this power station can conveniently charge two devices at once. Stanley claims it can charge most phones enough for 10 hours of use. The power station comes with a 120 psi air compressor that will stop airflow when the desired psi is reached. This power station is meant for camping trips, tailgating, power outages, or to store in the trunk for roadside emergencies. The Stanley Power Station features a LED light and back-lit LCD screen, so you can use it in the dark. The reverse polarity alarm lets you know if you didn’t correctly connect battery cables to the power station.

Technical Specifications:

700 instant starting amps, 1400 peak battery amps, Reserve capacity 19 Ah, Size 16 x 13.5 x 6 in., 19.5 pounds

Detailed Review

Insufficient for Roadside Use

Many reviewers reported that this power station didn’t even last a year or it failed to hold a charge. These reviews can be found on multiple sites such as Home Depot and Amazon. Yes, there are some glowing reviews, but the negative reviews certainly stack up. A one-star review on Amazon claims the unit started overheating and smoking. If the unit loses its charge over time, this makes it impractical for roadside emergencies (one of its main selling points). When it is charged, however, it can easily jumpstart a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder vehicle. Battery charging clamps are included, and an alarm sounds if you incorrectly connect them.

Perfect for Camping Trips

For camping trips, it is more useful. You can charge it overnight right before you leave, and then you have enough juice to power your devices or even run a small fan. It features 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports so you can plug in multiple devices at once. The ability to charge two electronic devices at once is certainly nice. Users should note that It doesn’t have the capacity to continuously run a mini fridge, generator, or anything of that size or complexity though.

No Specific Charging Cord

There was some negative feedback about the cord. Some customers wished for an included cord; but Stanley stated that it didn’t include a charging cord, because they wanted users to be able to charge with any standard extension cord. Yes, an extension cord is an extra purchase if you don’t already have a long enough one. But, it was a good idea to not to limit the station’s ability to charge to one specific charging cord as cords are often lost.

Simple to Use For Inflating Tires

The built-in air psi air compressor is a great feature. It’s simple to use. You set your desired psi, and the station will stop the airflow once the target psi is reached. The station may not be able to fully inflate tires though, but it works for quick top-offs.

Designed for Use In Dim Light

The LED light lets you work in dim light or darkness. The display lights when in use as well, so you can easily read it. This is ideal for camping or other places where you might not have a light source.

Great for Camping But That’s About It

Review Summary

The Stanley FATMAX PPRH7DS Professional Power Station is worth a buy if you are an avid outdoors lover and frequently go camping. But if you’re looking for a power station to use for tailgating, this will not work. It can’t power a T.V. or a blender. For use as a backup battery for roadside emergencies, this power station is sorely lacking. It has too many reviews of it not holding its charge for me to conclude that it would be worth the money for that purpose. If you need a versatile power station, look elsewhere.


  • Two AC outlets and two USB ports
  • Includes a 120 psi air compressor
  • Can charge with any standard extension cord


  • Reports of the battery not holding a charge make it impractical for roadside emergencies
  • Several users reported that it simply quit working in less than a year

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