Sony Portable DVD Player Replacement Charger


Whether your original Sony Portable DVD Player charger stopped working, you misplaced it, or you simply want a backup power adapter, the Zebest Power Adapter Cord is a good replacement option. It is compatible with most Sony models, with the 4.5V Sony CD/DVD player a notable exception. A majority of reviewers were happy with this replacement charger, although some had trouble using it with their model. The product comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is ultimately no risk to this purchase, especially at such a great price point.

This is a global charger, and will be shipped with an outlet adapter suited to the country you order from. The units are tested to make sure they are in working condition before being sent out. Reviewers who purchased this charger frequently mentioned that it shipped in excellent time, and were happy with customer service!

Technical Specs

Capacity (mAh): [not listed]

Max Charging Output (Volts & Amps): 2 Amps 9 Volts

Max Input (Amps): 100-240VAC 50/60Hz worldwide input voltage [listed as volts]

Size (Inch): 6x4x2 inches

Detailed Review

At a mere 2.08 ounces, the Zebest Power Adapter Cord weighs about as much as a large egg, making it a good companion for your portable Sony DVD player. It comes in a classic black color, and the charge cord is long enough to easily reach your outlets from many spots around the room.

This adapter cord has an LED charge indicator so you will always be able to tell when your DVD player is charging. It has no problems charging to a full 100% after the low battery indication shows up on your screen, and your DVD player will keep its charge for several hours. Not only does this product work efficiently, but when it is left unused it can keep a full charge for a month or more!

As a global adapter cord, the Zebest charger comes with short circuit output protection, over voltage output protection, and over current output protection. These are important protections because they ensure you will not accidentally ruin your device when attempting to charge it. Additionally, the Zebest charger ships with the outlet adapter necessary for your country.

When considering this charger, make sure to check if it will work with your specific Sony DVD player. The product is listed as working with all Sony portable DVD players except the 4.5V Sony CD/DVD player, however some purchasers have had compatibility issues. The Zebest power adapter is confirmed as working with the Sony dvp-fx701, dvp-fx750, dvp-fx820, dvp-fx930, dvp-fx950, and dvp-fx94 models, but not the bdps5500 or dvp-fx980. Several purchasers have had success using the charger with the dvp-fx810, while others have had issues. You can read what a number of reviewers said about model compatibility and other problems here. Fortunately, there is a 30 day money back guarantee to cover any potential problems! The company tests their units to make sure each product works well, but if any issues arise with your charger after the first 30 days, the Zebest power adapter is covered by an UpBright warranty that lasts for a year.

The company gains a lot of praise for shipping this DVD charger in a timely manner, with multiple customers reporting being pleased with shipping speed. If you are looking for a quick, efficient replacement charger for your portable Sony DVD player, the Zebest power adapter cord is a competitive option!


Material quality – 8

Durability – 10

Battery life – 9

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Review of Sony Portable DVD Player Charger

Review Summary

The Zebest Power Adapter Cord for portable Sony DVD players is a lightweight, affordable option for those of you looking for a replacement charger for your DVD player. It boasts a long charge cord, an LED charge indicator, and a money back guarantee, in addition to a twelve month service warranty.

One thing to watch out for when considering this charger is model compatibility, so check the list to see whether this charger is the right choice to fit your model. Otherwise, an effective solution to your DVD charging needs will be with you in no time!


● Short circuit, over voltage, and over current output protection

● 30 days money back guarantee

● 1 year full service warranty

● LED light to indicate charging

● Long charge cord

● Charges from low battery indication to 100%

● Keeps its charge well

● Ships in a timely manner


● Does not always fit listed models

● Cord can be temperamental in some units

Product Price

12.99 + 5.89 shipping

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