Solarland solar panels

Founded in 2008, Solarland USA is based in Ontario, CA, within the greater Los Angeles area. They manufacture above industry-standard solar products using cutting-edge technology. Solarland solar panels are designed for high-performance, off-grid applications.
Available through authorized dealers, Solarland manufactures both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. They provide solar solutions throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Solarland USA offers a full line of solar products – solar panels, solar controllers, solar accessories, and solar mounts. They will custom-build any size or style solar system to meet your specific needs.

All Solarland solar products come with the following warranties:
• 2-year workmanship
• 10-year 90% power output
• 25-year 80% power output

The Solarland Solar Panels Series

Solarland USA offers solar panels in 4 product series. All Solarland solar panels are manufactured for outstanding low-light performance. Every solar panel is designed to withstand high wind pressures, hail, and heavy snow. Each comes with a heavy-duty anodized frame.

SLP U Series

The U series features both monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules. Panels range from 5 to 360 watts in either 6, 12, or 24-volt options. The best-selling Series U panels are the SLP060-12U, SLP005-6U, and SLP005-12U.

SLP C Series

The C series is CSA-certified. Panels go from 5 to 500 watts in either 12 or 24-volt options. The best-selling panels are the SLP030-12C and SLP050-12C.

SLP C1D2 Series

The C1D2 Series is CSA Class 1 Division 2 certified. Panels range from 5 to 440 watts in either 12 or 24-volt options. The best-selling panels are the SLP150-12C1D2 standard frame, SLP030-12C1D2, and SLP090-24C1D2.

SLP Special Series

The Special Series features polycrystalline modules designed for special applications. The best-selling in this series are the SLP005-12R, SLP010-12R, and SLP020-12R.

Solarland Solar Panels Under 10 Watts

Solarland offers a variety of 5-watt panels in either 6 or 12-volt options in both the SLP U and SLP Special Series

SLP U Series panels under 10watts

• SLP005-6U
• SLP005-12U
• SLP005-12U-W
• SLP005S-06U
• SLP005S-06U-01A
• SLP005S-12U

SLP Special Series Panels under 10 watts

• SLP005-12R

Solarland Solar Panels Between 10 and 60 Watts

Solarland makes panels between 10 and 60 watts with 12 or 24-volt options in all four series.

SLP U Series Panels from 10 to 60 watts

• SLP010-12U
• SLP010S-12U
• SLP015-06U
• SLP020-12U
• SLP020-24U
• SLP020S-12U
• SLP030-12U
• SLP030-24U
• SLP030S-12U
• SLP050-12U
• SLP050-12U – MC
• SLP050-24U
• SLP060-12U

SLP C Series from 10 to 60 watts

• SLP030-12C
• SLP050-12C

SLP C1D2 Series from 10 to 60 watt

• SLP012-C1D2
• SPL030-C1D2
• SPL045-C1D2
• SPL050-C1D2
• SPL060-24C1D2

SPL Special Series from 10 to 60 watts

• SLP010-12R
• SLP020-12R
• SLP020-24R
• SLP030-12R

The Solarland Pro-Charge Junction Box

This rugged, waterproof, and dustproof junction box has 6 connecting poles for greater flexibility. It features an IP65-approved design that efficiently reduces heat build-up for better temperature control and module performance. Perfect for marine applications. (Solar panels designated with an M).
The Solarland Pro-Charge junction is provided in the following solar panels:
• SLP070-12M
• SLP090-12M
• SLP090-24M

Solarland Solar Panels 100 Watts And Larger

SLP U Series

• SLP100-12U
• SLP100S-12U
• SLP120-12U
• SLP120-24U
• SLP120S-12U
• SLP150S-24U
• SLP160-12U
• SLP180S-12U
• SLP180S-24U
• SLP200S-12U
• SLP200S-24U
• SLP360S-24U

SLP C1D2 Series

• SLP100-12
• SLP140-24
• SLP150-12 large frame
• SLP150-12 standard frame
• SLP190-24
• SLP270-24
• SLP330-24

SLP Special Series

• SLP100-12M
• SLP100s-12
• SLP175s-12
• SLP180s-12

About MC4 Connectors, Y Branch Connectors, and Combiner Boxes

What are MC4 Connectors?

MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors used to connect solar panels. They make it easy to connect or disconnect solar panels. Perfect for temporary systems where you want to store panels some months of the year.
Each connector has 5 parts – the main housing, a metal crimp contact, a rubber water seal, a seal retainer, and a screw-on end-cap.

The Purpose of Y Branch Connectors

The Y branch connector maintains the voltage output configuration of the solar panel system to the battery size. It connects the MC4 connectors to the charge controller.

What is a Combiner Box?

Combiner boxes are made for larger applications of between 4 and 4000 strings. They act as a junction box, bringing together the output of several solar strings. Combiner boxes need little to no maintenance and should last the life of the solar system.

Industries Powered by Solarland Solar Panels

Solarland solar panels meet the strictest requirements for all the industries they serve across the globe.
• Oil & Gas
• Traffic & Safety
• Security& Surveillance
• Lighting
• Hazardous Locations
• Telecommunications
• Water Pumping
• Access Control


Which solar brand is best?

Best is a relative term and depends on your application. What may be the best for a grid-tied residential solar system won’t cut it in a remote, off-grid system. Solarland solar panels are considered the best for remote, off-grid systems.

How many solar panels does it take to run a house?

Between 20 to 25 solar panels depending on your annual energy usage, geographic location, and panel output.

How much does a 1kW solar system cost?

A 1kW solar system is a solar system that produces 1kW per hour. As of 2022, no 1000-watt panels exist, so it will depend on your available space and how you put together your system. Costs vary depending on whether you choose 20 50-watt panels, 2 500-watt panels, or some other combination of solar panels. Once you have your configuration, you can calculate the cost.

Can AC run on solar power?

Yes, and using solar power is a great way to save money and help the environment. A standard 1-ton AC unit equals a 3600-watt unit. For this example, you would need 15 250-watt panels to power your AC.

How long does a solar panel last?

Solar panels last an average of 25 to 30 years. Solar panels don’t stop working after that time, but their energy output will start to decline. Their actual lifespan can be much longer. To get the most out of your system, schedule regular checkups and keep your panels clean and free from debris.
With Solarland solar panels you will harness the power of the sun, reduce your costs, and help save the environment. Discover the perfect solution for all your solar power needs!

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