Solar Charger vs Battery Charger

Trying to decide between a solar charger vs battery charger?

Picture this…

The summer is upon us and the anticipated plans to spend the entire day at the beach are in motion. The kids are excited, meals & snacks are packed, bags are in tow and everyone’ ready to load up in the car.

You finally arrive and as predicted, everyone else thought today would be the perfect beach day too!

Umbrellas are set, tents are pitched, beach towels and sunscreen are definitely in order for the beaming sun rays.

On the beach itinerary is lots of play in the water, building sand castles, a bonfire with smores, and dads traditional picture slideshow he always puts together of the days adventures before heading home.

As sentimental as dads videos are, truth is everyone is too busy on their electronics to pay attention.

In today’s day in age it ranges from toddlers and their tablets streaming Baby Shark on Youtube, your typical teenager recording their every move on any given social media platform, the mompreneur blasting out a message to her email list or dad tuning in to the latest sports game. Electronics are a must!

With all the excitement of the day, dads battery is now dead, and since everyone has been glued to their devices throughout the day, there’ are too.

What is everyone supposed to do now?

Dad could always wait to get home and do the slideshow, but that ruins the tradition! Phones could always be charged when you got home…but who really wants to be without their device, even if it is just 1 hour.

There are several solutions to this problem, let’s explore a few.

Portable Solar Panel

Remember the key word here is portable. They are not the same size as household panels you’d find on the rooftop. Portable solar panels are just that, portable.

You’ll find that they’re commonly used for camping and RV usage as a backup power generator. They produce about 100 watts of energy in comparison to household panels that typically produce 250-365 watts.

Some are foldable, others have a kickstand. Some are a 1 step setup whereas others take several steps.

Like in our scenario above, had a solar panel been available to dad, the beach would have been the perfect place to allow a portable solar panel to charge for the evening festivities.

The sun was shining, there are no trees, tall buildings or clouds obstructing the sunlight and there was plenty of time to allow for the charge as the family enjoyed the sandy beach.

If any of these factors are present, the charging capabilities would be significantly compromised.

For anyone who is on the go, which is everyone, you need a portable solar panel. It allows you the capability to travel with a power source with not additional expenses. They are practical, easy to use & travel with, and it’s a renewable energy source.

What could be better than that?

Portable Battery Charger

Who doesn’t want a backup battery for their phone, tablet or laptop?

It seems they drain fastest when you need it most. Or an electrical outlet is playing hide and seek when you’ve reached that critical less than 5% bracket.

Lets face it, our electrical devices are heavily integrated into our everyday lives.

For most, our cell phones are the first thing we grab upon waking up in the morning and the last thing we touch before going to sleep at night. It’s done so subconsciously that when it’s not present and accessible…it’s apparent, and that’s not a good thing!

On average, a portable battery charger will take about 2 hours to fully charge before you can use it.

These external devices are small and compact. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Some attach directly to your cell phone and some you just plug in your USB port without the electrical prong base.

A portable battery charger is fairly inexpensive too. You can find one for every budget ranging from $10 to $200.

The clear benefit is, if and WHEN you find yourself in need of an extra battery boost, a portable charger is the ultimate life saver to keep you going without skipping a beat.

Just like the portable solar panels, they too are easy to use and travel with too. Depending on the shape, one can easily fit into your pocket and for the ladies, any can be concealed in your purse without feeling like you’re carrying dumbbells.

Here’s a downside though, what happens when your portable charger is out of juice too and you’re still on the go with no electrical outlet to recharge?

What’s a busy entrepreneur who can’t post their latest blog, a whining toddler who can’t watch Baby Shark and a temperamental teen who can’t get on social media to do!?!

Your laptop, tablet or phone is just dead…or is it? There’s a solution for this, promise!

Portable Solar Panel & Portable Battery Charger

Why not have the best of both worlds?!?

With the free sunlight you can continuously keep your portable solar panel charged. Simply place it on the dashboard of your car, position it on the bench next to you while little Johnny is playing at the park or on top of your ice chest for a sunny day at the beach. The position possibilities are endless.

Once your electrical devices run out of power you can tap into the energy source from your portable battery charger. PROBLEM SOLVED.

After the energy from your portable charger runs low, use the energy from your portable solar panel to charge your portable battery charger again. PROBLEM SOLVED.

When the energy from the solar panel is drained, just put it back into the sunlight and repeat the process. PROBLEM SOLVED.

So in the perfect world, you want to have both devices. A backup plan for your back up plan.

Combination Portable Solar Panel with Battery Charger

It gets even better! Instead of carrying 2 portable chargers you can purchase a combination system that is both!

They too are also compact and easy to travel with. Some come with additional cool features like a compass and flashlight. Perfect for those outdoor hiking and camping adventures.

Gone are the days of low batteries and dead cell phones! Everyone needs to have at least 1 of charging devices mentioned.

There is wide price range to fit every budget, so it goes without excuses.

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