Sentry Lite 6V 4.5Ah Replacement Battery

The SPS Brand Sentry Lite Battery Replacements are widely considered products which get the job done during their lifespans and are seen as reliable and durable battery by consumers. It’s a powerful backup battery which does exactly what it’s advertised to do and greatly appreciated by its userbase and customers. The product works as intended and provides six volts of power to emergency lightening unites, meaning it comes in handy in a pinch and is reliable.

There are few low marks from online reviewers, though a minor complaint is the shape and fit of the product. These reviews are irregular, however, appearing to be in a small minority. The batteries are great in providing power for emergency lights and will keep the lights powered to a degree more than adequate; that is, they keep emergency lights burning brightly and for a long duration. The company which makes the product cares about its customers and offers good, if not great, customer service. Altogether, there are no reasons to be overly cautious wary when purchasing an SPS sentry lite battery replacement.

Technical Specs

Physical Dimensions:
Nominal Voltage: 6V
Nominal Capacity: 4.5Ah
Terminal Type: F1
Weight: 1.7 Lbs
Length: 2.8″ (71 mm)
Width: 1.9″ (48 mm)
Height: 4″ (102 mm)

In-Depth Review

The SPS Sentry Light Emergency Light Battery Replacement has been used by many a plethora of customers and has received consistently high marks. Most users remark on the lifespan and consistent durability of the batteries and of the light generated from these batteries while others comment on their shape and fit. Those who are most favorable of the product remark on its stable power production and durability, issuing no criticisms with the power and recommending it to anyone who needs a backup battery for their emergency lighting products. Those who are not as high on the replacement battery note that it’s lifespan could be improved, but overall, the product is a great find and absolutely worth the price. Overall, both ratings and reviews skew positive to a degree which suggests the product is a must-buy for those in the market for a backup or replacement battery.

In addition to the product being highly regarded by users, the company who makes it, SPS, is considered a great company to trust for satisfactory customer service and excellent knowledge expertise. The employees of SPS are knowledgeable and will often discuss the problems of their products with their customers. They will call back if they’ve missed a prior call and will talk through any issues with customers until the problem has been resolved.

These replacement batteries are made for the sentry lite 09-985 emergency lights. It’s also difficult to find technical specs for the product beyond the height and weight, which makes it difficult to know if customers will truly get enough power for their needs. This said, there are few complaints about the product not supplying enough power for a range of SPS products and emergency lighting devices.

The most common praise for the product comes in the form of saying that the power supply holds steady during even the most testing conditions, avoiding lack of operation during storms and other events that may test most uninterrupted power supplies. The battery is smooth and easily installed in most units, and its power and durability is beyond reproach. Over eighty-eight percent of Reddit consumers recommend the battery, great marks for such a simple product. The price is perfect for a device of this quality and durability, although those who have had good experiences with it noted that they wouldn’t mind paying far more. For the money it actually costs, however, you receive more than substantial piece of mind and the assurance that the batteries will not need any quick fixes or stop working during emergency events.

The backup SPS batteries are a great buy for those looking to have an emergency source of power for their emergency lighting supplies, and their function is not marred by shoddy quality or lack of peace of mind. SPS consumers who find their devices dead will generally want this device to reboot their dead lighting tools and can feel comfortable with their operation, as there are no moments of dead time. The only substantial complaint a few reviewers had was that the batteries would sometimes die before their five-year expiration. These reviews are not substantial in number, however, and are a direct counterpoint to the overall positive sentiment surrounding the product.


The backup emergency lighting batteries are advertised accurately and will weather any storm they must to keep their lighting units online. This is a nicely designed product aesthetically though which is easy to comprehend and use, even for those without much experience with newer technology. SPS backup batteries are the way to go for customers who want reliability and durability.


  • Provides Great Power
  • Durable and Long-Lasting


  • Shape and Fit are Sometimes Difficult

Additional Factors

  • Material quality – 9
  • Durability – 10
  • Battery life – 9


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