Schumacher 1200a Portable Power

The Schumacher 1200 Amp Rechargeable AGM Jumper Starter is a reliable and highly efficient product that works as intended every time. The item has been praised by reviewers and is rarely criticized beyond the fact that the air supply unit is slow working for some. The device is sufficient to jump a car in an emergency situation and will inflate tires well, usually with great efficiency. The multi-function aspect of the item is a nice innovation and is well worth the cost of investment. The company which makes the product deeply cares about its customers and offers exceptional customer service. Altogether, there are few reasons not to buy this product if you’re in the market for a rechargeable jump starter.

Technical Specs

Output Voltage: 12V DC

Output Current (Peak): 1200A

Dimensions: 12.13 × 13.38 × 12.5 in

Weight: 22.75 lb

In Depth Review

The Schumacher 1200 Amp Battery Charger has been used by over one thousand product reviewers on Amazon and the results are almost unanimously positive. Those who are most favorable of the product have no qualms with it and often remark how quickly it works to charge both batteries and deflated tires, among other deflated items. The capacity is more than enough to charge a battery thoroughly enough to drive in for emergency replacement. The air pump also sufficiently pumps up deflated items in little to no time, according to most reviewers. The items uses an LED display and is simple to use for even those who are not used to jumping a battery at a moment’s notice. While heavy, the item is small and adequately portable.

Schumacher is often praised for its customer service and its employees are extremely knowledgeable about their products. Response time takes little to no time and employees are polite and patient with customers of every background and experience. The item is not overly complicated or aesthetic; rather, it’s a straightforward and nice-looking battery charger for those who are experiencing an emergency need of charging.

The battery charger takes twelve-volt batteries itself and offers twelve amps worth of power to dead batteries, which is more than the average recharger. The air compressor can pump out 150 PSI which, for most, inflates tires at great speed. As stated, the item uses an LED display, and the buttons and functions are arranged in a way which is easy to read and comprehend. The item is self-explanatory in most functions and is readable both during the day and at night, which is a nice component of the design. The item is not light but it is small, easy to take on long trips or generally store within a car at most times.

The recharger is a great product to buy for those looking to have an emergency source of power at all times. If drivers are concerned about their battery dying or their tires suddenly going flat, this will fix their problem with ease and in a time-critical manner. It’s made by a reliable and helpful company and is unanimously favored by reviewers. For the money and the simplicity of use, there is no better product than the Schumacher 1200 Amp Battery Recharger.

While the reviews are nearly unanimous in their praise, there are a few who have had difficulty in some way or another with this item. Their concerns are minor and dissenting, though they do exist. Users of the item who have come away soured often complain about the speed in which the recharger works. More specifically, they claim it takes upwards of twenty minutes to charge a car battery and far longer to inflate a tire. Again, these reviews are in the strong minority and seem prone to exaggeration, but they nonetheless exist on many of the sites which offer reviews of the product. In terms of quality and durability, however, there are no complaints. This is a sturdy and highly durable device which works reliably and will offer many purchasers significant peace of mind.


Reviewers love this product and use it whenever their cars need a charge or their tires need to be inflated. Schumacher is a great and trustworthy brand who know how to make products for those serious about their cars. This is a nicely designed product which is easy to read and comprehend even for those without much experience with this sort of thing. It functions well and never malfunctions, making it hugely reliable and surefire buying option. The only minor complaints pertain to the speed of charging and inflating times, but these are minor and massively dissenting from the majority of reviews.


· Can Quickly Jumpstart a Car

· Can Quickly Inflate Tires or Other Objects

· Small and Portable


· Heavy and Bulky

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