Review of Dynex – 2000 mAh Portable Charger


This is a powerful charger that packs a lot of punch; but, this specific product has been discontinued. But we’ll go over the product in detail here so you can see what you like about it and use it to help you make a decision about another charger from this list:

This charger is compatible with any device that has a micro USB port, and if you have a converter, you can use it with other products too, such as Apple products. The charger comes with its own micro USB cable too. The device has surge protection so it won’t overload your device. It’s lightweight, portable, and long-lasting.

Technical Specs

Color: Blue
Compatible Devices: IPhone 4, IPhone X, or any device with a micro USB cable charger
Brand: Dynex
Connector-type: Micro USB
Capacity: 2000 Milliamp Hours or 2 volts
Max Input: 1 amp USB port
Max Output: 5 volts
Includes: Micro USB Charge Sync Cable
Dimensions: 4″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/4″ Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Detailed Review

The Dynex 2000 mAh Portable Charger is a sleek blue device that is very lightweight and can fit in your pocketbook, backpack, or even your pocket. People find that it’s excellent for long walks or trips where they are unable to get to an outlet. It can charge their phone just enough for them to get back to a place where they are able to plug it in. The device has a one-year warranty on it for parts and a one-year limited warranty for labor costs.
This device is not technically weatherproof but can withstand a bit of moisture. Two LED lights on the side of the device tell the charging status. When the light is red, it’s low on battery. When the light is blue, the device is ready to go. Even though it doesn’t always charge a phone perfectly every time, people like the fact that it’s inexpensive, because then they don’t have to worry about if they lose it. (Yes, that would be unfortunate, but they only spent $7 on it.).

Most people really enjoy this product and feel that it works well. But, some people have discovered that the charger wears out after a period of just a few months. One woman bought two and they BOTH broke within three months. Someone here said that the charger didn’t charge their phone very well and only got it up to 32%. This is a consistent complaint across multiple reviews across many sites. Others say it takes the device itself a long time to charge. However, people say that the device lasts a long time, aka two to three years. Those who use their phone a great deal throughout the day or play battery-draining games, like Pokémon Go, like using it to keep their phone charged throughout the day. The most charge it tends to give people is one life cycle of their phone up to 100%, and then it needs to be charged for about 2 hours before it’s ready to go again. One benefit is that some people use the Dynex to charge other kinds of appliances besides phones, such as small battery-powered lanterns and lamps.

Some people have noticed that as they buy more powerful phones with larger batteries, the Dynex is less capable of charging their phones. \One man said that the Dynex wouldn’t fully charge his Samsung Galaxy S5 very well, especially if he was using it at the same time, but he said the Dynex charged his girlfriend’s Metro PCS Galaxy just fine. If you have an older phone with a smaller battery capacity, this device will probably work just fine for you. If you have an iPhone 10 or another high-tech phone, the Dynex will probably leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Because this device is so inexpensive, some people like to buy many items at once and place them in all different places across the house, their car, and their work so that they’re never without one. After all, if you’re stranded but you forgot to put the Dynex back in your purse, you’re not going to get much use out of it. It may be worth it for you to buy a bunch of smaller, cheaper devices and disperse them across your life if you tend to be forgetful, rather than buy a bulkier, more powerful device but never remember to have it on you.

Review Summary

Ultimately, you get what you pay for with this device. It’s cheap and may break on you for that reason, but if all you’re looking for is one life-cycle’s worth of charge while you’re running errands or playing Pokémon Go in the park, then the Dynex will function perfectly well for you. Bear in mind that it charges your phone slowly, and if you have a newer phone it may not be able to get your phone up to 100% charge. This lightweight and durable device is ultimately good in a pinch.


Comes with Micro-USB cord
Good for emergencies


Takes a long time to charge certain phones Only uses Micro USB, you will need a converter for Apple products
Doesn’t charge devices fully

Product Price $7-8.00
Device Ratings:
Material Quality: 8 out of 10
Durability: 6 out of 10
Battery Life: 5 out of 10
Recharge Conversions:
iPhone X – (Capacity mAh) / 2716 mAh
iPad Air – (Capacity mAh) / 8600 mAh
Average Phone – (Capacity mAh) / 1750 mAh
Average Tablet – (Capacity mAh) / 7500mAh

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