Residential Gateway RG Replacement Battery Backup


You never know when you may lose power, but when you do, you will also lose your internet access. The web is becoming more and more of a household essential, and when the power goes out, you do not want to go without it. Belkin luckily offers a product called the Belkin Residential Gateway Battery Backup, which maintains your AT&T U-verse Residential Gateway or internet access in the case of a power outage. You’ll need an external battery to power it, and there are many different brands on the market. The SPS 12V 8 Ah Replacement Battery for the Belkin Residential Gateway is one of the most affordable on the market. It is relatively lightweight, only weighing seven pounds. It is also a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to worry about a one-time use. It is also easy to install in your Belkin Residential Gateway.

Technical Specs

· Brand: SPS

· 12 Volts

· Rechargeable

· 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.7 inches

· 7 pounds

· Volt Matching

Detailed Review

The SPS Brand 12V 8AH Replacement Battery for Belkin Residential Gateway is a standard option for power outages where you still need to access the internet. The product boasts the average mechanics and features of a rechargeable battery. The brand SPS claims to use absorbent glass mat or AGM technology that creates superior performance. On a full charge, it will run your Belkin Residential Gateway for about four hours and needs 18 hours to recharge. That’s a long recharge time for only about four hours of use.

The appearance is minimal. The battery is a matte black color, rectangular, and weighs about seven pounds. There is an abundance of helpful battery information on the side that should have all the information you need to use it. Additionally, it comes with a handy manual that offers all the installation instructions you will need to properly install it on your Belkin Residential Gateway.

SPS does offer volt matching, which is a cool company initiative. When you order more than one battery, they will send you the batteries manufactured in the same batch. They also, during the final inspection, make sure all your batteries volt match. This extra service ensures optimal performance in your batteries but will also extend the battery and equipment life. If you want to order a set of batteries, this is an amazing offer you should leverage. Not many other battery companies offer the same service.

There are not many customer reviews regarding this product, and among the small amount available, opinions vary drastically. Some claimed it was the best rechargeable battery they ever purchased, while others claimed it did not even fit in their Belkin Residential Gateway. There are many rechargeable battery manufacturers, so if the lack of customer reviews worries you, you can always take the time to shop around.

SPS does offer a one-year warranty on the battery. So, should it break or malfunction within a year, they will replace it or give you your money back. When researching other rechargeable batteries for the Belkin Residential Gateway, offering a one-year warranty seems standard. So, if you decide to purchase another brand’s battery, you won’t miss out on warranties or refund policies.

The market is full of rechargeable batteries for the Belkin Residential Gateway, when I was reviewing this product, there were advertisements for 11 other same battery types but different brands. I would encourage you to look at your other options considering the price for this brand seemed higher. The SPS battery on Amazon was priced at $23, while other batteries with better reviews were priced at $18. There is no sense in spending more when there is potentially a better and cheaper substitute.

Review Heading: SPS Replacement Battery May Be Overpriced.

Review Summary

If you are in the market for a replacement battery for your Belkin Residential Gateway, then the SPS 12V 8Ah replacement battery is a standard option. Nothing about this product particularly stands out or suggests it is poorly manufactured. It appears to be a standard replacement battery in a saturated market. I would encourage you to shop around because this battery lacked customer reviews compared to other brands. Additionally, it was priced more than many other brands that had more positive customer reviews. There’s no need to spend extra money if there is a better and cheaper alternative.


· Volt Matching, when ordering one or more batteries, the company will give you ones that were manufactured in the same batch. Thus, ensuring optimal performance, and extending battery and equipment life.

· Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM Technology. SPS claims this technology creates superior performance.

· Comes with a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee.


· Lacking customer reviews. The available ones seem to vary widely in opinion.

· Possibly overpriced compared to other brands with more positive reviews.

· Short charge life (4 hours), and long recharge time (18 hours).

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