RandomOrder Portable Power Bank

The Random Order Power Bank is effective but dependable. The item works within its intended purpose for a few dozen charges but is prone to falling apart and not holding a charge well enough to effectively charge electronic devices as advertised. In addition, even when the product is turned off, power still flows to the USB port, meaning the product will eventually die out despite infrequent use. Reviews are divisive, as many people who have used the product have found no issues with it, but an equal amount have received the product already scuffed or broken. Possibly, the issue lies in delivery and source methods, rather than manufacturing, but the product is still not trustworthy.

Technical Specs

Brand: Random Order
Model: Portable Backup Battery Power Bank
Color: Gray
Accessories (may not be included, check condition): Micro-USB charging cable (3 ft.) for recharging.
Feature: 2,800 mAh battery provides up to a full phone charge.
Feature: Built in LED Flashlight, LED battery level indicator lights and automatic shut-off.
Feature: The universal USB port allows it to be compatible with any USB data cable
Feature: Compact, lightweight design for easy storage andportability.
Feature: Battery Charge Time: 3-4 hours, Battery Cell: Lithium Ion, Input: USB 5.0V/800 mAh, Output: DC 5V/1A
Feature: Approx Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches
UPC: 781420051109, 610214635549

In Depth Review

The Random Order Portable Power Bank has been tested by many consumers and the outlook is mixed. Those who enjoy the product have commented on its ease of use and speed and convenience in charging their devices. The capacity is adequate, as the device is able to charge a phone two to three times on average which is better than the average power bank. In addition, the product is rectangular and comes with a multi-LED display, which specifies how charged the device is at any given point. It’s shape is notable because it doesn’t roll around and can be grabbed in a pinch from inside a car or purse. It’s not unwieldy; on the contrary, it’s size is perfect for convenience while supplying the power necessary to charge phones two to three times on average.

Random Order is not a well-known brand but it’s rising with electronic enthusiasts and manufactures products which are not overly stylized or difficult to use. Their products are usually sleek and well-polished enough to satisfy even the pickiest of enthusiasts, which makes them a great source for small and cheap gifts around the holiday season. They’re not luxurious or known for exceeding quality, but they’re good for the price and do the job well.

The power bank is installed with a 2,800 mAh battery which provides enough power to charge a phone at least once, and sometimes up to three times before loosing juice. The bank also comes with an LED flashlight which is nice in a pinch and can be turned on and off easily and hassle-free. It shuts off automatically, though, as mentioned above, even when the device is shut off, it provides juice to the USB port, which damages the device in the long run and may cause it to malfunction at random times. However, the USB port is still a nice feature, as it is compatible with any USB data cable. The design of the power bank is optimized for portability and lightweight considerations, and the battery charge time takes approximately three to four hours. It’s a lithium ion battery.

The power bank is, in itself, a powerful and portable charging device, which is lightweight and holds enough juice to quickly charge multiple devices at once. Customer service provided by Random Order is not exceedingly great, but representatives are considerate and offer adequate advice for most problems. Again, reviews are divisive, as the pros of the item are sometimes matched by unsavory and, possibly, unscrupulous cons which will be discussed further down. All in all, the item is mostly recommended because it’s a cheap but sturdy option for those looking for a no-frills, no-fuss portable charger. It can be used anywhere and is light and small enough to carry in most places, cars, and purses. Now to the drawbacks.

Those reviews who cast dispersions on the item noted that they didn’t believe they were sent a new product. Some reviews noted that the power bank was sent to them with scuff marks already plainly visible and some even reported that buttons were missing. In addition, some reviewers found that the bank broke apart completely after only a few uses, and, similarly, one reviewer noted in detail the problems with keeping the USB functional even when the bank itself is off. Malfunctions can easily arise from this design flaw and the bank can lose significant power in the long run. Despite the flaws listed by some reviewers, others made no mention of any flaws and seemed delighted with the product. It is not luxurious or state of the art, but it is a fine product for its price. The positive reviews had no qualms with the condition in which the product arrived, nor with its durability.


Many online recommend the product and speak highly of Random Order and their reputation for developing products which function how they’re intended, even if they’re not the most advanced. For those who want a fully functioning and straightforward portable power bank for use in their cars or other places away from home, Random Order’s Portable Power Bank gets the job done for less cost than other companies and brands.

Reviews are split on the product, though the negative reactions have had less to do with the ability and production of the power bank itself and more of the quality it arrived in. Still, there are durability concerns and issues with quality in the long run. Random Order’s Portable Power Bank works for a wide variety of electronic devices and is a nice replacement or alternative to traditional power banks and wire-based charging units.


  • Lightweight and Indeed Portable
  • Powerful and Quick Charge Times
  • Customer Service is Top Notch


  • Issues with Shipping Are Abundant for Some
  • Durability is in Question, as is the USB Design Flaw
  • Prone to Breaking Easily and Difficult to Fix
  • Not Available On Many Websites Currently

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