Pride Celebrity x Replacement Battery


If you, a loved one, or an older parent use a Pride Mobility Scooter, you need to pick up the AJC Brand scooter battery replacement. Eventually, your current battery will expire, and when it does, you will be thankful you picked up a spare. The battery is one of the best you can find on the market and includes many advanced features you won’t find in other products. Take advantage of the deep cycle design, puncture-resistant case, optimized conductivity, and impact-resistant casing. Additionally, with an amp hour of 35, you know these batteries can keep your scooter going all day.

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They fit the specifications of the Pride Mobility Scooter per the manufacturer and cost a fraction of what some other brands charge. Each battery costs anywhere from $75-90, and you will need two units to complete the charging set for your scooter.

Technical Specs

  • AJC Brand Replacement for a Pride Mobility Celebrity X
  • 12V 35Ah Mobility Scooter Battery
  • Terminals: NB
  • Need Two Units for Full Replacement
  • 23.59 lbs
  • 7.72 L x 5.14 W x 6.14 H
  • Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid

Detailed Review

You cannot pick a better product if you are looking for a replacement battery for a Pride Mobility Scooter. This AJC brand battery includes many unmatched features such as corrosion protection, impact-resistant casing, optimized conductivity, and a deep cycle design. You won’t find features like these in many other batteries on the market.

Those are not the only features that make this a great replacement battery for your mobility scooter. It has a 35-amp hour, which means you can run your scooter all day without worrying about needing to recharge the batteries. The AJC brand also advertises a long-lasting battery life. Additionally, since these are batteries you take on the go, you can relax knowing they are impact and puncture-resistant. As a bonus, all AJC batteries come with a one-year warranty if they break or are defective.

The real advantage of the AJC brand replacement batteries is that they fit the manufacturer’s specifications exactly. With these replacement batteries, you are receiving manufacturer’s quality for a fraction of the price.  You will have a hard time finding a replacement battery that matches the exact specifications at the same price. Many other competitors will not offer the same number of features or quality in the AJC brand.

The one downside to this product is that you need two units to replace the battery system on your Pride Mobility Scooter. So, the full replacement ends up a bit pricey. However, if you consider that you have to replace both batteries anyway, the price is still comparatively low.

The price differs on many websites. On average, the individual units are anywhere from $75-9, but some sellers offer bundles where you can buy a pair of two. These bundles run anywhere from $150 to $170. While this feels pricey, keep in mind that these fit the manufacturer specifications exactly and an abundance of extra safety features that many other batteries on the market do not.

The price is competitive with the rest of the brands on the market and offers additional features some other brands do not. If you are shopping to replace the batteries on your Pride Mobility Scooter, these replacement batteries are one of your best options. Considering all the safety features, 35 amp-hour, and battery efficiency you get for the price, the ACJ brand batteries are a steal. Just make sure to shop around on different sites or online stores to find the best price for individual units or bundles.

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Best Replacement Batteries to Get Your Scooter Going Again.

Review Summary If you need to replace the batteries on your Pride Mobility Scooter Celebrity X, then you won’t find a better replacement battery than the ACJ Brand. The replacement batteries include an abundant number of features like deep cycle design, 35 amp-hour, impact and puncture-resistant casings, and so much more. While replacing the full battery system on your mobility scooter will cost about $150 – $170, considering all the features the ACJ brand includes, the price is well worth it. You should shop around different online stores because the individual unit and bundle prices vary.


  • 35 amp-hour
  • Numerous safety features
  • Matches scooter manufacturer’s specifications
  • Decent price/Sold as a bundle


  • Prices vary widely on different online stores
  • Need to buy both units to fully replace battery system on scooter

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