Portable Charger for iphone

Our phones have become an increasingly essential part of our lives. They are tools we rely on for communication, transportation, employment, and even food. It is equally important to make sure our phones can last through the day. The frustrating reality is that the more we use our phones, the quicker the battery life deteriorates.

Most iPhone 12 models can last around eight or nine hours with heavy use — the battery is 10 percent smaller than the previous model. There is an extremely simple solution to this issue if you find yourself needing more life from your phone without having access to a traditional charger. Portable chargers can keep your iPhone 12 charged up for days, with models for every preference from life extension to maximum portability. Let’s go through some of the top choices to keep your phone going.

RAVPower iPhone12 PD Pioneer 15000mAh 18W Portable Charger USB C Power Bank 

This charger is a great value for what it offers, clocking in at just under $35 on the RAVPower website. The power bank takes only 30 minutes to recharge a phone, and the design is slim and highly portable. It also has a USB-A port along with the USB-C port, which means this model is versatile and can be used with other phone models. You can even charge two phones at once if you want to. The PD Pioneer can be fully recharged in four hours. There is an LED display on the side to show you the charger’s remaining battery life.

This charging bank is a great overall pick, but there are a few cons. First, it does not come with a Lightning cable included. You will either have to take this from a previous charger or purchase a new one in addition to the charging bank. And though it can charge two phones at once, only one of them can use a USB-C port. But overall, this is a fairly inexpensive, highly portable pick that will work well for most lifestyles.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 Portable Charger

If you prefer to double up your wall charger and portable charger into one convenient package, the Anker PowerCore Fusion charger is the model for you. It combines reliability and portability into one and has two ports for charging. Never worry about losing your Lightning cable from wall chargers when you carry them around on the go — the Anker PowerCore Fusion even comes with a travel pouch to make sure everything stays together. 

This model is also a bit cheaper than the RAVPower PD Pioneer at just over $25. However, it sacrifices the slim portability that the PD Pioneer does have. Since the PowerCore Fusion doubles as a wall and portable charger, it has a bit more girth to it that may be uncomfortable to tote around in your pocket. It also does not come with an accompanying charging cable. This charger can last for up to three iPhone 12 charges, which may make the extra girth worthwhile.

NOVOO Waterproof Portable Charger 18W PD High-Speed 10000mAh Power Bank

Sometimes your phone needs to keep up with you while you’re out adventuring. Make sure you have access to your camera, flashlight, and maps throughout your whole experience in the great outdoors with this heavy-duty power bank. As it says in the name, the NOVOO waterproof portable charger is very waterproof. It is also shock-proof and dust-proof and comes with a built-in flashlight.

With a durable model like this, you will miss out on other models’ easy portability. This is a chunky charger, though it does come with a carabiner to attach to your backpack if need be. It will also charge your phone twice as slowly. The NOVOO claims to charge your iPhone 12 up to 50 percent capacity in 30 minutes, so it takes at least an hour to get a full charge.

AtomXS 3-Hour Key Chain Emergency Charger

When convenience is your ultimate goal or you never want to be without some battery backup, look no further than the AtonXS Key Chain Charger. This adorable little power bank fits right onto your key ring, doesn’t need a Lightning cable to connect, and can power your iPhone 12 for up to three hours.

Maximum portability does come with a price — it’s the most expensive model on this list at $39.99. $40 for three hours of battery life may not be worth it for most customers, but it sure is a convenient key fob!

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