Portable charger for android

Smartphones are packed with powerful features and applications that take a toll on the device’s battery life. It’s almost impossible to run your device at its full potential without charging it within the day. But what happens when you can’t access a power outlet? Portable android chargers are the perfect solution. They offer numerous benefits as long as you can purchase the right one. Here is a quick overview of android chargers and everything you need to know to buy the right one.

Advantages of Portable Chargers

Universal Chargers

The portable chargers can be used to charge across all the different android charging options, from the older version USB cables to the USB Type-C. You can use the charger with other android phones with varying charging ports. 


With a wide range of brands, capacities, and sizes, you can find a portable charger that is within your budget range that meets most, if not all your charging needs. However, the higher quality portable chargers can be a bit pricey.


The portable android charger doesn’t limit you. Once fully charged, you can take the charger and your phone wherever you go, ensuring your phone is always connected to a power source. 


Requires Charging

The portable charger itself requires to be charged. This means that after its battery drains, the portable charger will be of no use as it will also be drained.

What to Consider When Buying a Portable Android Charger 


Before deciding what capacity of portable charger to buy, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the battery capacity of the device you will be charging?
  • How many of your android devices will you need to charge simultaneously?
  • How long before you can access a charger for the portable charger as well as your other devices?

It is crucial to select a portable charger that will fully charge your device in one go. It is therefore important to check on the battery capacity of the device you will be charging. Once you know its capacity look for a portable that has a similar or bigger capacity. For example, a phone with a 3400 mAh battery, will need to have a portable battery that has at least a capacity of 3400 mAh to make sure it is fully charged in one go.

If the charger will be used to charge multiple devices like tablets, phones, and even laptops, you will need a charger with more capacity. This would require a charger with the capacity to charge all the devices at once and have additional charging ports for all the devices.

It is also important to consider how long it will be before you can directly charge your devices and the portable charger as well. For the outdoor enthusiast who will be carrying their devices when going camping or hiking, it is important to have a charger with enough capacity to charge your devices during the whole period you are away.

Weight and Size

This is another factor that is very important in deciding what type of portable charger you will buy. The size and weight also tend to go hand in hand with the capacity of the charger, this would mean sometimes compromising on one to fully enjoy the other. In most cases, the smaller a battery, the lower it’s capacity and vice versa.

The size and weight are also important considerations depending on the user’s needs. For some that only need to recharge devices during commutes, a small battery with a low capacity can fit in their pocket with their phone. However, a person that will use theirs to charge multiple devices over a long time will be better served by a bigger but bulkier charger.

Extra Features

Extra features are important when selecting a portable charger. The lack of them should however not be a deal-breaker.  Some of the extra features may include:

  • The charger has multiple USB ports that can support the charging of multiple devices at the same time.
  • The charger also works as a portable lantern or torch, this would be an important feature for someone who loves camping and hiking.
  • The portable charges can also come attached to other portable devices such as portable Bluetooth speakers.


Although the portable android charger has some downsides, in general, it’s a handy device that could help you stay online longer and avoid missing those crucial calls and emails.

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