Nomad Base Station Hub Edition

The Nomad Base Station (Hub Edition) is a great product which elegantly uses a minimal aesthetic to its advantage. The base station is good for charging up to four electronic devices at once with very little drawback. Although the base is smaller than many products of its category and function, it is more aesthetically pleasing and convenient than many portable, wireless base stations. The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, and those which are negative are mostly concerned with the size of the base station.

Technical Specs

· 3 coils with 10W output per coil
· 7.5W wireless charging for dual devices
· USB-A 7.5W port
· USB-C PD 18W port
· LED wireless charging indicators
· Ambient light sensor dims LED’s at night
· International EU & UK adapters included
· AU adapters will be included with orders to Australia and New Zealand
· Power adapter cord length: 1.5m
· Supports 100-240V input

In Depth Review

The Nomad Base Charing Station is currently popular among consumers who enjoy a minimal, sleek aesthetic to their electronic trinkets. It’s style and visual appeal does not hamper its function, as the hub can charge up to four devices at once and one or two phones wirelessly at a time. The Nomad Charging Hub is made with a black padded leather surface and comes equipped with an aluminum chassis to further enhance the visual appeal and luxurious feeling of the product.

Nomad is well known for its quality products and pushes the minimalism popular with many of today’s young and most forward-thinking tech users. Many tech-savvy users are calling Nomad “the Apple of the tech accessories world,” and when using the Nomad Charing Hub, it’s difficult to disagree. The product also boasts no-slip rubber feet and LED charging indicators to answer pragmatic concerns and improve overall safety and function.

The hub comes with three high-power coils which allow phones to be charged at up to 10W and a USB-C port provides 18W, alongside a USB-A port which provides another 7.5W for families or movers and shakers which need all of their devices charged at once. There are no accessories or additional items which come with the hub, but there are none needed.
The hub is, in itself, a powerful and portable charging device, which is lightweight and holds enough juice to quickly charge multiple devices at once. Customer service from Nomad is also exceptional; employees are always standing by to take calls and ensure the product is working as intended.

The product is often recommended online and there are many reviews across multiple sites which laud Nomad’s exceptional reputation for both service and quality. Overall, the product is great to take home or install in an office for use by one or multiple employees. It is flexible and durable enough to withstand multiple charging per day from an array of different phone makes and models. Despite the products’ elegance, power, and overall convenience, there are a few drawbacks to the Nomad Hub.

First, it can be difficult to perfectly align your phone so it receives a charge; placement is finnicky and can take some getting used to. In addition, the hub is smaller than other products of this nature which can make it difficult to find room for all of your devices – in creating an aesthetically minimal and sleek product, Nomad has sacrificed a degree of space in the process. Thirdly, the product does occasionally become heated, causing phones to throttle themselves and, rarely, shut off completely. These issues have been acknowledged by Nomad and the company is looking into solutions on behalf of their customers.

Despite these issues, many online recommend the product and speak highly of Nomad and their reputation for developing the sleekest and most luxurious electronic accessories. For those who want a lightweight and straightforward charging hub for their home or office, the Nomad Base Station, Hub Edition is a great product. In addition to the hub, customers should look at buying a Lightening Cable USB-C and a Battery Cable 1.5, on sale for $39.95 and $19.95 respectively on Nomad’s website, found here.


Small, sleek, and exceptionally pleasing to the eye, the Nomad Base Station is a great product for those who need to charge multiple devices at once or busy individuals who would like to “drop and forget” their devices onto a charging pad. This powerful and high functioning hub is a great buy, as it’s both lightweight and fits well in the aesthetic design of many spaces because of its minimal and sleek engineering.
Reviews across the board have demonstrated appreciation for the product, with drawbacks mostly concerning the size and sometimes finnicky nature of the device. The Nomad Base Station works for a wide variety of electronic devices and is a nice replacement or alternative to traditional charging bricks and wire-based charging units.


· Lightweight and Aesthetically Pleasing
· Powerful and Quick Charge Times
· Mobile Enough and Highly Durable
· Made by a Highly Respected and Reputable Company


· Finnicky to the Touch Sometimes
· May Heat Up and Cause Throttling in Phone
· Small, May Not Fit All Devices Needed
Found for $99.95 on Nomad’s website.

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