LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Battery Backup


It doesn’t matter if you have a small garage-style door or a shop door that is designed to let a semi-truck pass safely, if you are in the market for a garage door opener, Liftmaster is your one destination for the best. And this revolutionary brand has taken their legacy of excellence a step further with the addition of a battery backup.

You come home and it is storming. The power is out and you don’t want to run in the rain to find shelter, but the with no electricity, what do you do? You can’t open the garage, right? Wrong. The battery backup is on a constant charge and will work as intended, even if you are amidst a long-term blackout due to weather.

The Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Battery Backup is easy to use, easy to install, and isn’t just a safe, easy and efficient way to open a garage without power from the home, but an investment in the future. In this review, we will show you why.

Rating Overall: 8.0

Material Quality: 9.5

Durability: 8.5

Battery Life: 6.5

Technical Specs

Brand: Chamberland

Model: 475lm

Size: Mini-v272

Cell Type: Sealed Lead Acid

Weight: 3.13 pounds

Dimensions: 4x4x4

Compatibility: 385/855 and all new models

Product Review

If you have ever lived in a hurricane zone or anywhere with significant seasonal weather, you know that power outages are often a way of life that you just have to embrace. Having a battery backup like this one for your garage door opener takes out the frustration on these unfortunate days.

The Liftmaster Battery Backup is a wonderful addition to any garage door system. It is so easy to install, you will wonder why you didn’t put one in before. In many of the Liftmaster units, it simply slides into place into a predesigned seat, and with a few simple actions, is ready to charge.

It is a closed acid system similar to the battery on a motorcycle. The acid is already added so that isn’t a concern, and just like a sealed deep cycle battery for a boat, it works best when on a constant trickle charge like the one implemented by the unit it is intended to power.

The battery is powerful enough to engage the opener, while still being light enough to sit in the unit and not tax the mounting bolts holding the unit the ceiling. At just 3.13 pounds, you might not think it could have the juice to lift a garage door, but it will every time without fail, unless the battery becomes old or faulty from poor charging.

This model of battery will work with plenty of Liftmaster openers. It is already retrofitted into some of the older models and will work perfectly with the new design without concerns of alterations.

Pros and Cons


· Strong batter

· Sealed Lead Acid

· Fits in all new models

· Easy to install


· Doesn’t last long with continued use

· Not compatible with 475Lm system

What the Users Say

For the most part, users of this battery backup have been impressed with its power and style. It fits into many of their existing Liftmaster units, and if they get a new unit without one already installed, they are happy to add it for peace of mind. They like that it is lightweight over other sealed backup battery types, and that the Liftmaster system is ready to accommodate it.

Anyone who has had to use theirs during a power outage has given this big thumbs up and cannot praise the concept enough. Many have actually said “thank you” for the convenience, the style, and the power of the unit when they needed it most. And for the DIY crowd, having the ease of personally installing it into their unit has been a huge boon.

There have, as always, been some issues. Some users have found it incompatible with their model of Liftmaster and have raised concerns with the company over this oversight. And others have found the battery to last a substantially shorter duration than other batteries they have owned in the past, and that includes the ones they purchased from Chamberland.

Price: 31.99


Who would have known that peace of mind would only weight 3.13 pounds? We did, and now, you do, too. Never again have to worry about you garage door opening when you need it, even if the rest of your home is pitch black. Never fear running in a torrential downpour, freezing snow, or hurricane winds. Not when you have made the call to add one of these to your unit.

Give yourself and your family to knowledge that everything will be ok, even when the neighborhood is dark and the weather is not your friend. You have a new friend in the Liftmaster Garage Opener Battery Backup. It is here to help, to support, and to be a shining example of ingenuity in the Garage Door Lifter industry.

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