Just want to charge your laptop?

It’s so frustrating to open your laptop and begin a task, then realizing you have very little battery charge. Worse yet, you didn’t bring a charger with you. Or you try to charge the laptop, only to find that your charger isn’t working. It’s happened to all of us at some point in time. There’s nothing to do but pack it up and move on to something else, right? It’s not necessarily true.

It makes sense that you might leave a charger behind. Most people carry them from place to place to use them, rather than having one in their car, home and work place. It’s so easy to take the charger to another location and forget it, or think you have it in your bag but you had removed it. Then you’re stuck with a brick until you can get to your charger. Even you have a charger and find doesn’t work, you’re in the same situation. A resourceful person can find a way to get that laptop charged, and we’ll share our ideas on how to do it.

Three Ideas for Charging Your Laptop Battery

Obviously, you could retrieve your charger if you’ve left it behind, or borrow one from someone nearby. If you’re in a coffee shop or library where quite a few people are working on their laptops, you may be in luck. Aside from those options, here are three ideas for charging your laptop battery.

Keep a Spare Battery in Your Bag or Car

While your charger gets moved from place to place as you use it, if you place a spare battery in your car, backpack or whatever type of bag you carry, you’ll only use It occasionally when you run out of battery power and don’t have your charger.  It will be there reliably waiting for use, as long as you’ve bought a charger for it and charged it before putting it in your car.

This solution works well for Windows machines but laptops from Apple are too complicated for a simple battery switch. If you aren’t sure how to replace your battery, search online and you should be able to find instructions and videos to help. In fact, you may want to learn how to do this while at home, before the need to change the battery occurs.

Charge Your Laptop with Your Smartphone

To complete the task, use a USB Type-C to USB Type C cable. Of course, that means you must own one and carry it with you, or try to borrow it from someone nearby. Once you’ve connected the devices, change your phone’s USB settings to supply power. Your laptop will gain charge and your phone will lose charge quickly.

Tread carefully on this suggestion, using it if you’re phone has a lot of charge, and you only need a little to get something done on your laptop. Otherwise, you’ll have a dead laptop and a dead cell phone, a dreaded situation in today’s connected world. Consider it a desperate measure when you have no other options and must get something done.

Replace Old Charger with Universal Adapter

If your problem in charging your laptop is a nonfunctioning charger, you’ll have to replace it. Temporarily, you can use one of the first two options presented. What happens if you can’t replace it because of the age of your laptop? At some point, manufacturers will stop making the charger because there’s little demand. However, you’re in luck because you can buy a universal adapter that will work with your laptop.

Look for a universal adapter with tips you can change, and check for a tip that matches your laptop. If you can’t find a tip in a package with this type of adapter, you may be able to buy it separately. Now, use the adapter as you would your regular charger, plugging it into an outlet. In some cases, the adapter will have a connection to a car battery, giving you an on-the-go charging option.

Are There Only Three Options?

While there may be more options for charging your laptop when the battery is low on charge or dead, and you don’t have a charger, those presented here are easy to implement. Others may be more complicated for the average laptop user. If you’re a more advanced user who knows hardware, search online for more idea.

Charging Your Laptop

Whether you left your charger behind and charge your laptop battery with a spare battery or your smartphone, or your charger broke and you’re now using a universal adapter, you’ll have success in charging your laptop to varying degrees. A charger is always best, even if you buy one with a universal adapter. A spare battery works well if you have a Windows laptop, and a smartphone can be used in a pinch.

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