Is it ok to use phone while charging in power bank?

There are many misconceptions about using portable chargers. Questions float around on the internet about capacities, voltage, amps, and other factors which can be confusing to some people, but there’s one question that’s been floating around since the invention of the smartphone.

Many people wonder whether or not they can use their phone while it’s charging and, while there are complications to this question, the short answer is yes, they can. Again, there are a few complications within the answer that must be accounted for, and you should always make sure not to overuse your phone while it’s in a charger, because the use of it can drive the internal temperature up and take a few months or a year off of the life of the battery.

However, using it now and again, for only a few minutes while it’s in the charger, is a perfectly fine thing to do. This guide will elaborate on this answer and describe why it’s usually fine to use your phone, especially if you’re careful and know the (very small) risks to yourself and your phone.

Using Your Phone While Charging It

In short, it takes a while for your phone to heat up and the heat added by whatever means of charging your using is going to be fairly negligible. However, there are still some definite, though small, risks to using your phone while you’re charging. The most obvious risk you’re taking is overheating your phone while it’s in the charger.

If you use your phone frequently while it’s in the charger, both in terms of the day and the number of times you do this during the months and years, your phone’s battery will erode slightly quicker than if you simply left your phone in the charger and didn’t mess with it while it charged. In more severe cases, your phone can actually expand, creating a “bulge” within the battery and ruining the phone far before it should die.

This is rare however, and probably won’t happen unless you’re constantly using your phone while it’s in a charger or overheated generally, such as if you’re out in the sun. Even putting aside the concerns about overheating and creating the dreaded bulge, you can also affect the capacity at which your phone can run. For example, a smartphone can typically last nearly twenty hours after a full charge but using it while it chargers can cause the battery to decline in capacity, meaning you could get all the way down to only seven or eight hours of battery life even after a full charge.

This is more common than overheating and presents a reasonable fear and example of why you shouldn’t use your phone while it’s being charged. In addition to affecting the battery life of the phone and potentially overheating it, your charger can actually be negatively affected by constant charging and use as well.

The charger is designed to charge a static phone which is not in use, and the life and operation of your charger can be mitigated and potentially destroyed if you use it often. In addition to these concerns about your equipment, such as your phone and your charger, there’s also a risk of bodily harm as well.

Although not likely, you can actually give yourself a shock by using the phone while it’s in the charger, especially if the wires are exposed. To avoid electrocuting yourself, you should make sure the charger wire is in excellent condition and is completely enclosed in plastic.

The insulation of the product will protect you against any shocks while you use the phone, even if it’s in the charger, but exposed wiring has no such protection and can easily electrocute you if you’re not careful.

In addition to the risks of using your phone while charging it, you should be sure to use only the proper charger which was designed for your phone. A phone using a charger which is not universal or not meant to be used to charge that particular type of phone can damage the battery and leave you on the hook for repairs much earlier than expected.

Know the Risks

Knowing why you shouldn’t charge your phone can help you avoid damage to both your phone and you. It’s important to know the risks so that you don’t damage anything and you’re able to use your phone for the correct lifespan and duration that the product was intended for. Furthermore, knowing when to start and stop using your phone while it’s charging can help you monitor your own usage and allow you to use the phone while not overdoing it.

You can absolutely use your phone while it’s charging, but you should limit your time while you’re doing so and try not to do so too many times throughout the week. Optimal operation of your phone requires you to know a thing or two about how much you can charge it during the day and when you should stop charging it. In other words, knowing when your phone is fully charged and when it needs a good charge can absolutely help you.

Additional Information

On top of limiting the use of your phone while it’s charging, there are some additional facts which might help you conserve battery and overall help you take care of your phone while you still can. For example, you should avoid chargers which are cheap and are made by unknown manufacturers. It’s tempting to buy as cheap as you can, but these chargers will die early and often, and they might even hurt the battery life on your phone.

Stick to reputable and approved chargers for all of your electronic devices. You also shouldn’t remove the protective dover of your phone while it’s charging, as they can cause the charger to break or be caught in the phone. Counterintuitively, fast chargers aren’t always the best for the job. Make sure the voltage matches your phone’s output and that you aren’t using a charger which is too powerful for your phone, as this can also damage the battery.

In Closing

The issue is pretty simple but mixed up by many people even until this day. You can use your phone while you’re charging it but you should be careful not to overdo how much you use it while it’s being charged. Using your phone too much can negatively affect the battery life and lead to premature death of the phone. There are also other charging facts you should keep in mind to maximize your phone’s battery life and save money down the road.

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