How can you charge your phone without electricity?

Give your phone a boost when you have no access to electricity.

We depend on our phones for more than just making calls and texting. We get to our destinations with maps, use email for work, and scroll social media to stay connected. We can easily have an impromptu photo shoot or light up a dark space with the flashlight. But when a storm hits, what would be a helpful tool becomes useless without a way to power it up. But there you are, stuck without power and cannot get to a charger. Well don’t fret! There are so many inventive ways that people have discovered to charge their phones. With these tips and tricks, you will not have to worry about being stuck without juice.

A Camp Stove

In the middle of a camping trip and need to access some scary stories? Grab a camp stove, light a fire, and settle in around the fire for some fun at your camp site! The CampStove 2 cooks meals, boils water, and charges your devices.

A Portable Power Pack

These external chargers have improved over time while becoming less expensive. A power bank can charge your phone quickly. This tiny unit is easily portable and can charge a phone with a max speed charge. Remember to keep it charged so it is ready when you need it. The Anker Power Bank and the POWERADD both provide quick charging for less than $30.

Use Your Car

Use the DC current in your car to get your phone charged in a pinch. Using a power inverter with protection features and an auto-shutdown can keep you charged, and your car protected. There is a variety of power inverters to choose from to make the best choice for your needs.

Use Solar Power

A solar power bank comes equipped with a hook for easy hanging.

Use the Power in Your Biceps

Self-cranking chargers requires you to get a little work in to charge your phone. The movement must be swift to get to normal charging mode, and then you can settle down to a normal crank. They often come with additional functions like a weather radio and flashlight.

Use Kinetic Energy

Get active and work that phone. The Ampy wearable motion charger powers your phone as you move.

Solar Power

A solar lantern like the LuminAID Pack Lite was featured on Shark Tank. The light the night while you charge your device. The lightweight and portable device inflates in seconds.

Plug into Your Laptop or Desktop

If you are preparing for a coming storm charge all your laptops to get them ready to do the charging for you. When you need to, simply take the USB charger for your phone, and plug it into the USB port on your computer. Make sure you leave the screen on your laptop on lock to use the least amount of power. Try charging in “flight mode” for faster charging.

Use Wind Power

A portable windmill works when it’s windy outside. This one is a DIY project that you must put together yourself. If you want one ready to use, try the Pikasola 400 Watt Wind Turbine Generator.

Power outages and blackouts have been known to happen. When they do, you suddenly have no way to power all the devices you need to handle all the tasks you must. But these pretty clever ways to keep your phone going when you need it should help you through those hard times. Some require a little more effort than others and some cost a little more. But planning ahead and having what you need really helps you to conquer any difficult situation.
It is incredible that leveraging natural energy sources like the sun and wind to get the power you need is this simple. And it is amazing what we will do to make sure we can keep in touch – consider the hand crank that many people use. Remember to set your phone to Power Save to make sure you are not using all the power right back up. If you are an iPhone user, go into setting, choose battery, and select low power mode. Android users need to swipe down from the top and hit the power saving icon.

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