Ferrups Best Replacement Battery

For those who need to be ultra-prepared, a UPS can act as a stop gap between your main power supply and your back up battery.  It keeps you up and running until the generator kicks in and takes over. If you have someone in the building on oxygen or other necessary medical equipment, the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery is for you. Medical clinics and field setups also benefit from UPS like this one. It ensures consistent power supply to critical equipment. In addition to medical uses, the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set can be used for alarm systems, solar panel systems, and fire panels. It can also be used to possibly run battery operated tools on jobsites, just not for long. A good UPS can also be a safety net for your computer system. If you’re looking into the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery, read on for a detailed review.


Size 10.25 x 6.6 x 8.15 Inches, Capacity 75Ah / 900Wh per battery


Eaton Best Technologies FERRUPS FE-18K Battery

Detailed Review

The Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with 12 volts and 75 AH.  It is designed to replace Eaton’s Best Technologies Ferrups FE-18K battery. The battery is engineered for a high rate of discharge meaning it’s meant to give a high blast of power over a short amount of time. This makes it perfect as a segway between power failure and your backup coming into play, but don’t expect the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set alone to keep you running for long. Also, with low self-discharge and high vibration resistance, this Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. So if anything breaks within the first year, they’ll provide a full replacement.

Depending on how many you need, you can find different quantities on different sites. Amazon sells a pack of ten for $2,099.99 but without free shipping. For shipping, you’ll pay an additional $150. If you’re shopping for a UPS for nursing homes, dialysis centers, or medical clinics, a pack of ten may be just what you need to cover your bases. The Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Battery Set has 75 AH per battery, so a battery with 35 AH will give you half the run time of this one. So, this set of 10 on Amazon which sells for $2,099.99 will give you 750 AH.

If you live in an area with unreliable power supply, the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set may be for you. It can help iron out the ups and downs of unstable electric power.  This makes it perfect for field setups where power is unreliable. Military encampments and field hospitals often rely on UPS for continuous power in rough conditions. The Best Power Ferrups FE-18K can offer protection against power surges, brownouts, blackouts, and power line noise. If the power goes off, the UPS automatically comes on. Once power is restored, the battery set turns off and resumes changing until the next time it’s needed.

How To Calculate the Needed Capacity

Depending on what you need to power, you can easily calculate how long this replacement battery set will give you. Locate the amperage and voltage of whatever you need to power. Then, multiply the volts by the amps for each device. Be sure to add up your calculations for every device you want to cover. Last, multiply your sum by 1.2  to get your final total. Multiplying by 1.2 gives you some wiggle room. Your final number will be the VA rating you need from a UPS. Remember to recalculate if you add or remove equipment.

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for this one, but overall, user feedback is positive. The Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set is reported to be “”high quality” and enduring, even for “10+ years.” Though, you should note that Amazon lists the life expectancy of the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K as 3 to 5 years. One potential negative is that the power cables, wiring, and harness aren’t included. If any of your wiring is damaged, you will need to ensure you replace that as well before you can expect optimum performance.

Best Power backs their product up with a full 1 year replacement warranty. Plus, when you order from Best Power, the batteries arrive fully charged and ready to use. They come with a warning to be careful not to short your battery set when installing them in your housing. If you’re looking for a quality replacement to your Best Technologies’ Ferrups Fe-18K batteries, Best Power makes a solid alternative.

Your Best Bet

Overall, the Best Power Ferrups FE-18K Replacement Battery Set seems to be the replacement battery that most people prefer. The quality is listed as high and similar to the original. It will give you a strong blast of power for around 15 minutes or so, before it begins to dwindle down. So again, it won’t keep you running for long due to its high rate of discharge; but if you are looking for a quality replacement for your Eaton Best Technologies’ Ferrups FE-18K Battery, this is a good bet.  It will keep you covered in the event of an emergency. When lives hang in the balance, every second counts. Medical professionals and hospitals cannot afford to be without life saving equipment. This replacement set can streamline the process and iron out any potential hiccups while your backup power supply comes into play.


  • 1 Yr Full Replacement Warranty Included
  • Positive reports of performance
  • Comparable to Eaton original


  • Available on Amazon only in a package of ten and without Prime free shipping
  • Must use existing cables and harnesses from original battery setup

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