Computer Backup Power Supply

The Cyberpower UPS Computer Backup Power Supply iPAQ is not unanimously thought of as a reliable or highly efficient product. The product does not always work as intended and sometimes works at a lower voltage than as advertised. Although some consumers have given the product high marks, many have found significant issues with the backup power supply, from power issues to safety issues. The device is only sometimes enough to properly keep a computer running for longer than an hour and there are multiple issues with how it functions. The company which makes the product cares about its customers, however, and offers good, if not great, customer service. Altogether, there are reasons to be wary when buying Cyberpower’s Backup Power Supply which will be detailed below.

Technical Specs

Capacity 900VA / 560W 1100VA / 640W 1350VA / 810W 1500VA / 900W
Input Voltage on Utility 90V to 140V
Input Frequency 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
On-Battery Output Voltage 120Vac ± 5%
Transfer Time 4ms Typical
Max. Load for UPS Outlets 900VA / 560W 1000VA / 580W 1285VA / 750W 1500VA / 900W
Max. Load for Full-Time
Surge Protection outlets (8 Outlets)
12 Amps
On-Battery Output Wave Form Simulated Sine Wave Form
Operating Temperature + 32°F to 95° F / 0° C to 35° C
Operating Relative Humidity 0 to 95% NON-CONDENSING
Size (L x W x H)
13 5/16” x 4” x 9 7/8”
33.8 x 10.0 x 24.9cm
Net Weight 22.2 lbs 24.4 lbs 25.6 lbs
Typical Battery Recharge Time 8 hours typical from total discharge
Typical Battery Life 3 to 6 years, depending on number of discharge/recharge cycles
Battery Type Spill-proof, Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid
Safety Approvals UL1778(UPS), cUL107., FCC/DoC Class B

In Depth Review

The Cyberpower Computer Backup Power Supply has been used by many consumers on multiple review sites and the results are mixed. Those who are most favorable of the product remark on its great use of efficiency and power supply, while those who take issue with the product believe they’re being shortchanged by what’s advertised. Overall, ratings for the product seem to be highly positive while reviews are highly critical and negative. The power supply is advertised as providing around five hundred watts of power, but testing this number usually yields lower results.

Although the product is in question from many consumers, Cyberpower itself is considered a good company in terms of customer service and relations. The employees of Cyberpower are knowledgeable and will often discuss the problems of their products with their customers. Response time takes little to no time and employees are polite and patient with customers of every background and experience.

The product is supposedly designed for a multitude of computers, though reviews note that the number of computers which can actually be charged with the device is limited. In addition, consumers have noted that the power supply is easily “fried” during storms and may cease to work at random points in time, even without a catalyst for such issues. One review in particular noted that the plug would spark slightly when plugged in, although this was not a major concern for any other reviews, even those which were deeply negative. The price is rather high for the function and quality of the product, although those who have had good experiences with it didn’t mind what the product cost. For the money, however, you receive little piece of mind and the possibility of having to quickly fix the device when any sort of interruption event occurs.

The backup power supply is a product to buy for those looking to have an emergency source of power for their computers, laptops, and televisions at all times, though this function is hampered by the random down times. Cyperpower consumers who find their devices dead will generally want this device to reboot their dead electronic devices and can feel somewhat comfortable with its operation, even if there are a few moments of dead time. At the very least, It’s made by a reliable and helpful company, even if it’s not heavily favored by reviewers.


Ratings and reviews of this product offer two completely different pictures as to its quality. The backup power supply may be advertised as more powerful than it actually is and is prone to dying at random points, which is a major concern. In addition, it may pose a possible fire hazard and some of its features are not practical or work every time as they’re intended to. This is a nicely designed product aesthetically though which is easy to read and comprehend even for those without much experience with newer technology.


· Nice and Easy Display
· Replacing Batteries is Affordable and Simple


· Not as Powerful as Advertised
· Prone to Dying
· Possible Fire Hazard

Additional Factors

· Material quality – 7
· Durability – 6
· Battery life – 5

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