Best Samsung Phone Backup Battery

Having to find a wall outlet can be difficult or not even an option if you are constantly on the go. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, eventually the battery life on your phone won’t be enough to last all day when you need it. To get the most extended use out of your Samsung mobile smartphone, you will need the best battery backup phone support at the best price. Now we have all been there, trapped in the horror of a dead battery when we desperately need our trusty smartphones. Until true power solutions hit our technological advancement, a portable charger may be the best option for you. Portable chargers, or power banks, offer power on the go whenever you need them, the ultimate solution to your battery drainages. But which one should you choose? No doubt, we must have the Samsung mobile with the highest battery backup. Need that extra battery boost? Have a swing at our favorite portable chargers.

Best Portable Chargers for Samsung Phones

First and foremost, the RavPower brand is the highest rated and reviewed portable charger. With substantial power to charge your smartphone and other devices at the same time, the RavPower 16750mAh Power Bank is the best option at the best price.

RavPower 16750mAh Power Bank

Top Features

  • Highest Rated and Trusted Brand on Amazon
  • Stabilized 4.5A Dual iSmart 2.0 Ports: Charge two devices simultaneously
  • Premium A+ 18650 battery endures over 500 charge cycles for extended service life
  • Voltage surge and over-charge protection
  • 30 day money back guarantee, 12 month warranty

Price: $33.99

However, some people may need a portable charger with the biggest backup battery for their samsung mobile devices. You can survive almost a week off of ZeroLemon’s Juicebox. With a whopping 20100mAh battery capacity. The downside is that it’s heavy and the price is a bit higher.

ZeroLemon JuiceBox 20100 PD Portable Charger

Top Features

  • Incredible 20100mAh battery capacity charges a Samsung S8 6 times.
  • USB Type C port
  • Built-in Smart Protection System
  • 24 month ZeroLemon Support

Price: $49.99

The pros for having a portable power bank, of course, is the convenience of not having to look for a wall outlet. Not only that, but many portable chargers are suited to charge your Samsung phone up to three times in only 20 minutes. You may not need to plug in an outlet for a few days at a time! The downside to portable chargers? Other than needing to buy a seperate AC adaptor, it’s an extra device to carry around. For travelers, this may not be the best option if you have to haul all your heavy devices around to get anything done. You may just need something lightweight if you fit in this category. Anker PowerCore is a good battery backup option. Smaller than a deck of cards, this charger only weighs just as much as a baseball. The price isn’t as good as the RavPower Bank or matches the same omph you might need on a long trip without power. But it is the most convenient option for minimum weight.

Anker PowerCore 10000

Top Features

  • Conveniently small and light for its large 10000mAh capacity. 
  • High-speed-Charging Technology
  • Surge protection, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety features
  • 18 Month Long Warranty

Price: $24.99

Extended Battery Cases

If you don’t feel the need to carry around an extra device to your tech arsenal you can opt for purchasing an extended battery case. These cases not only protect your device, but offers a longer battery life. The upside to extended battery cases is that they mold right onto your phone. No cords, no extra inventory. These cases not only provide longer battery life, but keep your phone as good as new in a protective casing.However, extended battery cases adds extra thickness and weight to your Samsung phone. This can cause strain on your hands and heavy pockets. And if you don’t invest in a good Samsung backup battery case with a trusted brand, these batteries can cause overheating and even weaken your phone signal as well.Fear not, we’ve done some research for you and found the best options available to equip your Samsung mobile with best battery backup with the right protection. Now, each Samsung smartphone case depends on the model, but prices vary from $30-50 on Amazon.

Best Samsung Extended Battery Cases

The top three brands you can trust are Powerbear, ZeroLemon and Alpatronix. Some even have slim options available if you are worried about the extra bulk. Get yourself a kickstand with it to save your hands from the strain of extra weight for good measure. Every case depends on which model you have. But for example purposes, we will show extended battery cases for Samsung Galaxy S7.

PowerBear Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case 5000mAh

With a high capacity of a 5000mAh backup battery, this case extends your battery life up to 140% longer. The cool thing about PowerBear cases is the Dual-Charging feature. Which means that when your phone is plugged in, the case simultaneously charges itself and your phone at the same time.Price: $19.95

ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Case 7500mAh

ZeroLemon is known for offering huge battery life. This whopping 7500mAh battery capacity offers 170% extended battery life for your Samsung phone. You certainly won’t have to worry about plugging in anytime soon. Price: $59.99

Alpatronix BX420 Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Case 4500mAh

150% extra battery life, the BX420 is a good standard battery case for Samsung smartphones. Power LED light indicators keeps you aware of the case’s battery life.Price:$34.95

Note: Only use original manufacturer charging cables for extended cases. Cheap and generic cables can cause issues and will eventually damage your phone. Now you are set and ready to take on the world without needing to leave your mobile charging in the wall at a slow pace.

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