Best Portable Charger for Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Electronics is one of the most well known electronics company in today’s time. They started out as a small trading operation in the 1930’s and now have flagshipped into providing stellar electronics including televisions, phones and chips for other companies like Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is big on screen and slim in profile. One of the best features of this phone is its IP68 rating, which means that it’s water resistant. Although, the battery life does drain rather quickly whenever GPS is enabled or playing games, but that can be said with any mobile smartphone. So to remedy the draining battery issue, you will need a little backup support on power. We have compiled a small list of the finest portable chargers that Amazon has to offer.

POWERADD 2nd Gen Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Portable Charger

Value Portable Charger

Compact design with a light 10000mAh Lithium polymer battery makes for easy mobility. The slick aluminum casing comes in a variety of colors so if you are purchasing chargers for the whole family, it would be easy to tell whose is whose. This little charger will charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 2.5 times, making this device a perfect charger for when you are out of the house all day. Some customers on Amazon have received defective chargers but the seller’s excellent customer service has always been willing to replace them without a fuss. Get this affordable portable charger for only &17.99 on Amazon with Prime’s free one day shipping.

iMuto 30000mAh Portable Charger X6

More Power for Your Money

This beast of a power bank comes with a 30000mAh Lithium polymer battery with 3 USB ports. You can not only charge your Galaxy S7, but even laptops with this incredible source of power.If you only need a charger just for your Samsung Galaxy S7 and not for other devices, we recommend getting a smaller one. However, let’s say that you are going on vacation with no power available, then the iMuto X6 is a great option to charge your smartphone up to 6.5 times.Sturdy and easy to use, you won’t be needing a wall outlet anytime soon with this one. The few complaints customers are making on Amazon is the heavy weight and a few overheating issues. Get this Charger for $45.99 with Amazon Prime’s free same day shipping.

AUKEY Power Bank 20000mAh

Amazon’s Choice, a Trusted Brand

AUKEY power banks are one of the highest rated electronic charging brands on Amazon. This power bank has an impressive 20000mAh battery capacity offering built-in AiPower technology to provide the safest recharge rate for all of your USB devices. You can charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 4 times with this charger.For the price tag and AUKEY’s stellar reputation, we highly recommend this brand for universal charging. Get this charger for $39.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

Anker Portable Chargers

The Best You Can Buy

The best power bank for Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with amazing safety features and high-speed charging. While AUKEY is one of the best brands out there, you can’t beat the global leading technology of Anker products.

Every Anker charger comes with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combined to deliver the fastest possible charge. As well as a MultiProtect safety system to protect your devices.

For the best compact and efficient portable charger, the Anker PowerCore 10000mAh is the way to go. You can find it for $24.99 on Amazon Prime with free same-day shipping.

For more power and longevity, the Anker PowerCore 20100mAh will offer your Galaxy S7 up to 6 charges. And if you need a high capacity power bank for universal device charging, this is your hallelujah moment. Get the Anker PowerCore 20100mAh on Amazon Prime for $49.99 with free same-day shipping.

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