Best Portable Charger for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone for hands-free navigation and an impressive 13MP camera with a 5 inch display. Having conversations with the world has never been easier with a built in translator in voice and text features. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, there will be times where you just can’t put it down. Pretty soon, a portable charger will be needed to get through the day. There are many types of portable chargers to choose from online, but which one is the right one for you? We have compiled a small list of options for the best power bank for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Tzumi’s Pocket Juice Endurance AC

Tiny but mighty, the Pocket Juice Endurance AC is a great value charger for Samsung Galaxy S4. As a compact power bank, this charger makes traveling a breeze only weighing 4.4 ounces and can fit easily in your pocket. It comes equipped with LED lights to indicate power level, a single USB port with a microUSB cable. This charger will provide up to 1.5 recharges for your smartphone with a 4,000mAh capacity and a fast charging feature. While the details on Amazon says that it is compatible with Apple products, low star reviews are saying otherwise. However, it is probably because iPhones require a different charge cord instead of a microUSB. Most Android users are satisfied with this power bank’s speedy recharge feature and love not having to tow around an extra cable. Get this portable charger for only $14.99 on Amazon

Mophie Power Station

With 2 USB ports, the Mophie Power Station has a 10,000mAh universal battery that delivers up to 4 additional charges for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Because of the additional charge ports, you can power up multiple devices fast with the 2.1A power output feature. Customers on Amazon are raving at how handy the Mophie Power Station is while not being too bulky to travel with. While others claim that the chargers they received ended up being defective and not holding a charge after a few months of use. All in all, this is a decent portable charger for your smartphone. Get this portable charger for $65.95 on Amazon

myCharge HubMax Portable Charger

Selling Point: Small in size and with built in charging cables, the HubMax is a 10050mAh battery with a 3.4A shared output. The manufacturer claims you can recharge your Samsung Galaxy S4 up to 6 times! Now that’s a lot of power for something as small as a deck of cards. Customer reviews on Amazon claimed that recharging their smartphones with the HubMax only takes 20 minutes.The downside to this portable charger that it seems to break easily with the built in cables. Some have even claimed that their HubMax stopped holding a charge completely after only 2 months of using it. But those are few in between the majority of the reviews. Because of the hefty price tag and fragility, some may steer away from the HubMax. Regardless, not having to remember to carry multiple charging cords is certainly a bonus. Get this portable charger for $89.99 on Amazon

Anker PowerCore 10000

If you don’t mind carrying those cables, we highly recommend an Anker portable charger for your Samsung smartphone. Reason being that they are one of the top rated portable charger manufacturers in the world. The PowerCore 10000 is super-light and is equipped with industry leading technology to charge your devices safely and quickly. With a 10000mAh battery, you can recharge your Samsung Galaxy S4 about 3 times. People are going crazy at how convenient this charger is to keep their phones wall outlet-free throughout the day. Get this portable charger for $31.99 on Amazon

We highly recommend purchasing an Anker charger for your Samsung Galaxy S4. If you so happen to need a power bank with more battery capacity to charge multiple devices, you can browse the various products that Anker has to offer.

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