Belkin UPS F6C1000ei Replacement Battery

The UPS Battery Center Belkin Battery Replacement is widely considered a highly reliable and stable product. It’s efficient and does exactly what it’s advertised to do every time. The product works as intended every time and at exactly the capacity and voltage it’s advertised to work at. There are nearly no low marks from online reviewers and those which have given the product low reviews have been concerned primarily with the company itself. Again, however, these are few and far between. The device is always sufficient to properly keep a uninterrupted power supply running for as long as needed and there are no consistent issues with its functionality. The company which makes the product cares about its customers and offers good, if not great, customer service. Altogether, there are no reasons to be overly cautious wary when purchasing a UPS Battery Center battery replacement.

Technical Specs

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity: 5Ah
Terminal Type: F2
Weight: 4.03 lbs
Length: 3.54″ (90 mm)
Width: 2.76″ (70 mm)
Height: 3.98″ (101 mm)

In Depth Review

The UPS Battery Center Battery Replacement has been used by many consumers on multiple review sites and the results are almost unanimously positive. Those who are most favorable of the product remark on its great use of efficiency and power supply, while those who take issue with the product believe they’re being shortchanged by what’s advertised. Overall, both ratings and reviews skew positive to a degree which suggests the product is a must-buy for those in the market for a backup or replacement UPS battery.

In addition to the product being highly regarded by users, the company who makes it, UPS Batery Center, is considered a good company in terms of customer service and relations. The employees of UPS Battery Center are knowledgeable and will often discuss the problems of their products with their customers. Response time takes little to no time and employees are polite and patient with customers of every background and experience.

The product is designed for a number of Belkin products of computers, though reviews note that the number of devices which can actually accept the back battery are limited. The most common model which routinely accepts the battery and runs smoothly is the Belkin F6C1000ei-TW-RK UPS.

In addition, consumers have noted that the power supply holds steady during even the most testing conditions, avoiding lack of operation during storms and other events that may test most uninterrupted power supplies. One review noted that the batteries were used in a device which powered an electric fence and held steady through a myriad of conditions and obstacles. The price is perfect for a device of this quality and durability, although those who have had good experiences with it noted that they wouldn’t mind paying far more. For the money it actually costs, however, you receive more than substantial piece of mind and the assurance that the batteries will not need any quick fixes or stop working during emergency events.

The backup UPS batteries are a great buy for those looking to have an emergency source of power for their uninterrupted power supplies, and their function is not marred by shoddy quality or lack of peace of mind. UPS Battery Center consumers who find their devices dead will generally want this device to reboot their dead power supplies and can feel comfortable with their operation, as there are no moments of dead time.


Ratings and reviews of this product offer one seamless, wholly positive picture of its quality. The backup power supply batteries are advertised accurately and will weather any storm they must to keep their devise online. This is a nicely designed product aesthetically though which is easy to comprehend and use, even for those without much experience with newer technology.


  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Long-Lasting


  • May Fail to Deliver if Bought Online

Additional Factors

  • Material quality – 9
  • Durability – 10
  • Battery life – 10

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