APC 800 Battery Backup Replacement

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APC by Schneider Electric is one of the most popular UPS companies to date, ensuring premium power protection for computers and electronics. The APC Backup RS 800 carries high backup power and protection for business computers. If you own one, or any UPS, you will need to maintain the unit by replacing the battery every few years. For the APC 800 a replacement RBC32 battery cartridge is needed to specific size and voltage. On the APC website, they sell this replacement battery for $79.99. But before you get out your credit card, you save so much more by making a purchase on Amazon. You don’t need to stick with the name brand either. The following are three options to choose from for the best replacement batteries regarding the APC Backup UPS RS 800.

APC Backup RS 800 Battery Replacement

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Price: $60.99

Of course, purchasing a battery that is approved by APC is the smartest choice you can make for your Backup APC 800 UPS. This guarantees compatibility and the highest performance in ultimate power protection. The downside? It certainly pays to go name-brand. While APC relabels batteries made from a different manufacturer, you can be rest assured to know that your APC is in it for the long run. Get a Genuine APC Backup RS 800 Battery for $60.99 on Amazon.

RefurbUPS APC Backup UPS RS 800 Replacement Battery

Rating:4 out of 5

Price: $34.99 + $15.77 shipping

RefurbUPS is a national leading UPS company specializing in refurbished UPS units and great replacement batteries. This battery will do as a great backup battery replacement for APC 800 for a little less in price but stellar performance in protection and longevity for your home computers and electronics. Get a RefurbUPS APC RS 800 replacement battery for $50.76 on Amazon.

MightyMax APC RS 800 Battery Backup Replacement Battery

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $31.99 with Free Shipping

Oh, MightyMax! We love this battery brand for two reasons: high quality and great value. MightyMax is one of the highest rated and reviewed battery brands sold on Amazon. If you are in a pickle and need a great generic replacement that won’t break the bank, this is the battery for your APC Backup RS 800. Get a MightyMax APC RS 800 Battery for $31.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

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