APC 750 Battery Backup Replacement

American Power Conservation Corporation, or APC, designs and manufactures power protection devices and other important electronics to keep your data and equipment safe. If you have searched for a solution to a bad battery for the APC Backup ES 750, this is the article for you to make the right purchase for your backup power unit. With any UPS or backup power device, you will run into the challenges of keeping your backup battery running in case of a power outage or other disturbances that can damage electronics. Data loss, faulty hardware, and shorter life expectancy can occur in your computers or other equipment if your UPS backup system has a dead battery. To keep your unit maintained, it is best to replace the backup battery every three to five years before total power drainage is reached. According to the User Manual, you should order an APC Backup ES 750 replacement battery from the manufacturer. Truth is though, APC uses other brands for their batteries so you can find other and more affordable options on Amazon. In this article we will go over the highest rated and reviewed APC Backup ES battery replacement options to save you time and money.

Genuine APC Battery for ES 750

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Price: $32.69

On the APC website, you can purchase a replacement battery for $44.99. But through Amazon, APC sells the same battery at a lower cost. Buying this battery will guarantee compatibility and verified power distribution for the APC ES 750 unit. Get a Genuine APC Battery for $32.69 on Amazon

VICI Battery Replacement Battery for APC Back-UPS ES 750

Rating: Not yet rated

Price: $24.99

VICI is a battery brand commonly used in UPS backup systems. While this one in particular hasn’t been reviewed yet, the VICI battery company is a well known and trusted manufacturer for backup battery replacements in power backup systems. This product in particular is claimed to be compatible with the APC Backup ES 750 unit. Get the VIVI Battery Replacement for $24.99 on Amazon Prime.

Mighty Max Battery Replacement for APC Back-UPS ES 750

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Price: $19.99 plus free shipping

There is hardly anything bad we can say about MightyMax Batteries. They are one of the highest rated and reviewed batteries on Amazon. With a great price and stellar quality, your APC Backup ES 750 will run strong and safely with a MightyMax battery. Get the MightyMax APC ES 750 Replacement Battery for only $19.99 plus free shipping on Amazon

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