APC 500 Battery Backup Replacement

APC 500 Battery Backup Replacement

APC by Schneider Electric is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and other electronic protection equipment to keep devices and data safe. The APC 500 is a Backup-UPS manufactured and is in many homes and offices around the world. They are fairly affordable on Amazon. The APC battery backup 500VA price is only $111.99 on the retail site right now.

The electronics in your home are at risk from power outages, surcharges and other power interferences if you don’t have a UPS System. If you do have one, then it is up to you to keep the system up and running by replacing the battery every few years. Over time, batteries will lose their charge and/or will become defective, leaving your electronics at risk. You can tell when you need an APC 500 battery backup replacement battery when your system chirps a rather annoying beep and an indicator light will show on the “Replace Battery” label. The mystery is, what type of model do you have? Do you need an APC backup CS 500 replacement battery or an APC backup ES 500 replacement battery? Luckily, most batteries for UPS systems are compatible for most models. But just to be sure, go to APC’s battery replacement selector and punch your model number in.

Here we are covering the best options for you and your UPS that you can purchase on Amazon.

APC UPS Battery Replacement for APC UPS Model BE550G and Select Others (RBC110)

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Price: $41.70

Features: This battery here is sold by APC as a Genuine APC battery. However, there is a review saying that the label off to reveal a different manufacturer whose batteries are nearly half the price as the listed item. If you like the APC label, then fork over the extra bucks for this one and call it a day. But if you want to save money and pass through all the glamor of brand labels, we have better options for you and your wallet. Check out the “Genuine” APC Backup UPS 500 Battery Replacement on Amazon.

Hi-Capacity Equivalent of APC Backup UPS CS 500 Replacement Battery by PowerStar

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Price: $22.99

Features: This is a 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable maintenance free battery as it should be for your APC Backup UPS CS 500. Customers on Amazon say that this battery went beyond expectations regarding the price compared to the normal OEM backup battery in their systems, speeding delivery and stellar customer service. Get the PowerStar APC Backup CS 500 Replacement Battery for $22.99 on Amazon Prime.

Mighty Max APC Backup UPS ES 500 Replacement Battery

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Price: $17.99

Features: MightMax is one of the highest rated and reviewed battery brands on Amazon. With fantastic prices and quality batteries, it’s hard to say no. This battery works as an apc es 500 battery backup replacement battery and customers on Amazon are pleasantly pleased with them. Get a MightMax APC ES 500 Replacement Battery for only $17.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

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