APC 350 Battery Backup Replacement

APC 350 Battery Backup Replacement

American Power Conversion Corporation, or APC by Schneider Electric, makes the APC 350 UPS systems intended for backup battery power and surge protection for electronics and computer systems. This ensures that your electronics are safe from power surges, blackouts and other power disturbances that may occur. Every few years, batteries tend to get weaker and die completely. Just as you would replace your car battery every few years, you will need to do the same for a UPS system to maintain proper function. Whether you need APC Backup CS 350 replacement battery, or APC Backup ES 350 replacement battery, every APC 350 takes the same size. Now you could buy APC battery backup 350 replacement battery straight from the APC website. However, the $44.99 price tag is a bit steep compared to what you can find on Amazon. Genuine APC batteries are sold by APC on Amazon at a much cheaper price, but if you need more bang for your buck we have found some great value options to consider.

APC Backup 350 Battery Replacements on Amazon

Genuine APC Battery Backup Replacement

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $29.99

Purchasing a genuine APC 350 backup battery replacement from the manufacturer will ensure true compatibility and protection for your UPS system. Genuine replacement battery cartridges (RBC) are tested and certified for the APC Backup-UPS 350 system. Get a Genuine APC Battery Replacement for $29.99 on Amazon

ExpertPower Backup Battery for APC 350

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Price: $15.25

ExperPower batteries are one of the highest rated and reviewed batteries as a value option for just about any battery backup that you may need. With a price of only $15.25 on Amazon Prime and the seller’s expert reputation, you can certainly trust that this battery is a perfect off-brand option for your APC 350 unit. Get ExpertPower Backup Battery for APC 350 for $15.25 on Amazon Prime.

RefurbUPS Backup Battery Replacement for APC ES 350

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Price: $14.99 + $8.25 shipping

RefubUPS specifically manufactures backup batteries just for UPS systems. This battery in particular is intended as a replacement for APC ES 350, but should work for any APC system. If you are not sure exactly what your system needs, check the serial number and your user manual. Get the RefurbUPS Backup Battery for $14.99 + $8.25 shipping on Amazon.

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