APC 1500 Battery Backup Replacement

APC by Schneider Electric has been keeping computers and vital equipment running with uninterrupted power all over the nation. The APC Backup 1500 is High Performance Computer and Electronics UPS for Premium Power Protection. With any UPS, the backup battery needs to be replaced every few years to maintain power in case of an outage or other power interruption. If you are looking for the best battery backup replacement for your APC 1500, then you have come to the right place.The APC 1500 takes a Battery #124 Cartridge containing two batteries that will backup the system in case of a power disturbance. If you like throwing money away, you can purchase this replacement battery directly from APC’s website for $69.99. Funny thing is, APC also sells the same battery on Amazon for a lot cheaper. Before we get into that though, there are other brands you can turn to save even more.In this post, we have compiled the savings with the best batteries on the market according to quality, customer ratings and prices. All of these should be compatible with the Pro, RS, and XS 1500 models, but you should refer to your UPS’s model number before purchasing.

Genuine APC Backup Pro 1500 Replacement Battery

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $51.90

Amazon makes payments and shipping easier for everyone. That also means its cheaper as well. Instead of purchasing an APC Backup Pro 1500 battery replacement directly from APC, you can save a few dollars and get faster shipping through Amazon. Also, when you purchase a genuine APC battery, you can guarantee seamless compatibility by being verified and authorized by the original manufacturer. Get a Genuine APC UPS Battery replacement on Amazon for $51.90.

RefurbUPS APC Backup UPS RS 1500 Replacement Battery

Rating: Not yet rated

Price: $34.99 + $15.77 shipping

RefurbUPS is a great brand for UPS systems and replacement batteries, offering power protection for less to over 10,000 customers around the nation. This product is advertised as an APC Backup RS 1500 replacement battery, but it should work just fine in a Pro or XS model. Go with a trusted UPS battery brand and save. Get a RefurbUPS replacement battery for a total of $50.76 on Amazon.

PowerStar APC XS 1500 Replacement Battery

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $41.99

The PowerStar battery brand is well known and used in many stores like Walmart and Sears. You can save a bit more going with this generic APC XS 1500 battery backup replacement battery. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you will also get free Prime delivery on top of it all. Get a two-pack PowerStar Replacement Battery for $41.99 with Amazon Prime.

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