Anker 737 Charger GaNPrime 120W Review

In this review, we will discuss the Anker 737 Charger GaNPrime 120W, Infineon’s Hybrid Flyback, and the CoolGainTM Switch. We will also discuss the USB-C port. What’s the difference between the two? And what’s better, the standard 737 or the GaNPrime? You’ll find out in this article.

Infineon’s Hybrid Flyback and CoolGainTM Switch

The Anker 737 Charger GaNPrimE 120W incorporates new power allocation smarts and ActiveShield 2.0 temperature management to improve the efficiency of AC-to-DC conversion. The GaNPrime chargers utilize an IPS switch and digital power controller from Infineon, as well as Navitas GaN power ICs. Anker CEO Steven Yang discusses the early relationship between the company and GaN components.

Anker’s USB-C ports

Despite its small size, the 737 Charger GaNPrime provides powerful charging power for many different devices. It includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. It also includes Anker’s ActiveShield 2.0, a technology that intelligently detects temperature and automatically adjusts power output. Anker says this technology saves energy by up to 7%.

The 737 Charger GaNPrime 120 Watt from Anker offers 120 watts of power delivery for three different devices. It’s large enough to charge two laptops at the same time and has enough room for an additional USB-C device. Another option is the 747 charger, which sacrifices its compact size for an additional USB-C port and an additional 30 watts of power delivery.

Anker’s GaNPrime chargers also feature improved performance over current Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. GaNPrime devices feature a Compact Architecture Design that enables them to be smaller and lighter, and improve power efficiency and performance. Anker claims that this technology helps reduce carbon emissions by up to 30 percent. It is also 38 percent more compact than Apple’s 140W charger.

Another advantage of the GaNPrime charger is its ability to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro in under two hours. Similarly, the Anker 737 Charger can charge an iPhone 13 up to three times faster than a 5W charger. Anker’s PowerIQ technology recognizes and dispenses the proper amount of power for each connected device. GaNPrime chargers also feature Dynamic Power Allocation and PowerIQ 4.0.

GaNPrime devices are also remarkably energy-efficient thanks to their use of GaN technology. They use up to seventy percent less energy than other silicone-based chargers. These chargers have an Intelligent Temperature Monitoring System called PowerIQ ™. The activeShield 2.0 also monitors the temperature of the device while charging to ensure that it remains safe and efficient.

Aside from this, GaNPrime chargers reduce energy waste by nearly 30 percent. These chargers use GaN power ICs to monitor temperatures three million times a day. This increases the efficiency by about two percent compared to the previous generation of GaN power adapters from Anker. The GaNPrime chargers are also more efficient compared to their predecessors, ensuring that they don’t waste electricity in the conversion process.

Both the 737 Charger GaNPrime and 733 Power Bank feature two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. They both have 65W of power and a 5,000mAh rechargeable battery. Combined, these three products can fully charge a MacBook Pro within 50 minutes and an iPhone fifty percent in under 30. They are available now via Anker’s website.

The 737 Charger GaNPrime and 737 Charger offer high power for a reasonable price. With two USB-C ports, the 737 Charger GaNPrime 120W can charge two 65W laptops at a time. Its USB-C port is capable of charging a 16″ MacBook Pro. It also has PowerIQ 4.0, which automatically detects voltage outputs to shorten charging times. Combined, these features make this a good choice for a travel charger.

Infineon’s CoolGainTM Switch

The new Anker 737 Charger GaNPrima uses Infineon’s CoolGain technology, resulting in a 1.6 percent jump in AC-to-DC conversion efficiency. It uses an IPS switch and digital power controller from Infineon, as well as Navitas’ GaN power ICs. As a result, the GaNPrime charger can recharge two low-power laptops and a Nintendo Switch at once.

The GaNPrime line includes the Anker 735, 737, and 747. All three mobile chargers feature Power IQ 4.0, which prioritizes devices based on power demand. Infineon’s CoolGainTM Switch also features ActiveShield 2.0 temperature management, which allows it to monitor the internal temperature of the charger and automatically adjust power output according to device use.

Anker’s PowerIQ 4.0 technology offers 1ooW charging over USB-C. The charger also includes Dynamic Power Distribution, which automatically detects and adjusts power to the devices it’s charging. The Anker PowerIQ 4.0 charger also incorporates an ActiveShield 2.0, which intelligently monitors temperature three million times a day and adjusts power output accordingly.

The GaNPrime series is available in the US today. The GaNPrime 735 USB Charger costs $60. It has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port and supports bi-directional charging. The GaNPrime 615 USB Power Strip is another 65W charger, priced at $70. A full-sized wall adapter is sold separately.

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