Anker 615 USB Power Strip GaNPrime 65W Review

If you’re looking for a USB power strip that can handle the power needs of your Apple and Samsung devices, you should consider the Anker 615 USB Power Strip GaNPrime 65W. This power strip is a good choice if you need a lot of power without having to worry about running out of juice. This product also has power IQ 3.0 and ActiveShield 2.0 protection for your electronic devices.

GaNPrime technology

This USB power strip offers an integrated charging station for your smartphone, tablet, and other devices. It features a 65-watt capacity and two AC outlets. It features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The power strip also detects which device is connected and optimizes the charge according to the type of battery life. So, whether your device is almost dead or fully charged, you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

The Anker 615 USB Power Strip offers a 65-watt power output. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around and is easy to use. It comes with a charging cable and a USB-C port. This power strip is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other mobile devices. Anker has a wide selection of products that come with different power outputs.

This charger features a proprietary mini-transformer technology that enables it to save up to 53% on space. Another benefit of the new chargers is their increased power output, allowing you to charge up to six devices at once. This feature makes it a practical choice for many mobile devices. In addition to saving space, GaNPrime chargers can also charge two USB-A devices at the same time.

ActiveShield 2.0

The ActiveShield 2.0 technology in the Anker 615 USB Power Strip GaNPime 65W intelligently monitors charging temperatures and automatically adjusts the output to keep connected devices safe. This technology helps to reduce overall charging time by up to an hour. Additionally, this power strip has an advanced temperature detection system, which can detect a temperature three million times a day.

In addition, the GaNPrime chargers are equipped with new smarts that redistribute power based on the devices connected. These new GaNPrime chargers are able to achieve an increase of 1.6 percent in AC-to-DC conversion efficiency. They also feature a power-management system, PowerIQ 4.0, which intelligently detects and adjusts the power output to prevent overheating and reduce overall charging time.

The GaNPrime line of products includes the 735 USB-A/C charger, the GaNPrime 615 USB-C Power Strip, and the GaNPrime 615 USB Power Strip GaNPrime 64W. These USB-C and USB-A power strips all have multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, and at least one AC output. Listed below are full specs of these new products.

Using the latest semiconductors, the GaNPrime 615 USB Power Strip GaNPrime 64W offers 7% more energy savings than standard chargers. The company’s proprietary PowerIQ chip management firmware is now capable of allocating power every three minutes. This technology allows for a smaller device form factor and a lower price tag. A full complement of USB-A and USB-C ports means the Anker 615 USB Power Strip GaNPrime 64W is the ideal charging solution for mobile devices.

PowerIQ 4.0

Anker’s GaNPrime charger line promises 150W of power to multiple devices. With an intelligent power management system called PowerIQ 4.0, the GaNPrime chargers automatically adjust power distribution, prioritize charging for low-battery devices, and keep your devices powered while charging. It also includes a power bank that charges multiple devices simultaneously and has up to six different capacity levels.

Anker has also updated their GaNPrime line with PowerIQ 4.0. This new technology allows the charger to determine which USB devices require the most power. The power-efficient charger intelligently adjusts the amount of power to charge each device, ensuring that no one device is left without a charge. This feature is ideal for those who have multiple devices that need power at the same time.

With this latest GaNPrime charger, you can expect a more efficient charging experience. PowerIQ 4.0 automatically detects the charging needs of connected devices and distributes power accordingly. It also prioritizes the devices with the lowest battery level, reducing overall charging time by up to one hour. Lastly, it also offers active shield 2.0, which monitors temperatures more frequently.

The GaNPrime charger has two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and two AC ports. The maximum power output is 100W, which is sufficient to charge the best Chromebooks. The GaNPrime chargers will retail for $60, $70, or $95 on Amazon. They will start shipping in the third quarter of this year. When you buy one of these Anker products, make sure to check out the PowerIQ 4.0.


Anker’s latest line of USB power strips features the GaNPrime (GaN) technology, and the 615 USB Power Strip is no different. With multiple USB ports and at least one AC output, it’s the perfect choice for those who need to charge their devices from multiple locations. Below, we’ll go over the features of each product, and give you a better idea of how they compare.

The GaNPrime chargers are designed to maximize efficiency by prioritizing low-power devices with the highest capacities. It is compatible with up to six devices at a time and is 53% smaller than other silicon chargers. The GaNPrime line offers up to 150W of power to charge your devices while reducing power consumption with each charge. It has six different form factors, and offers PowerIQ 4.0 for improved charging efficiency.

The Anker 615 USB Power Strip is a convenient all-in-one power strip with an extended extension cord. It’s perfect for charging devices in hotel rooms. It offers two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, as well as two AC outlets. The USB-C power output limit is 65W. A USB-C power strip should be sufficient for most travelers.

GaNPrime chargers

Anker has launched a new line of GaN-based chargers. They come in six different form factors and can deliver up to 150W of power. The new models feature a technology called PowerIQ 4.0, which prioritizes charging speeds for devices at the lowest charge level. Anker is a leading manufacturer of mobile charging solutions, and the announcement of its GaN chargers is a welcome development.

Anker is taking advantage of the GaNPrime power technology to create more innovative products. Their newest power strip, the Anker 615 USB Power Strip, comes with multiple USB ports and at least one AC output. The device features two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports and is incredibly thin and lightweight. Moreover, it boasts a maximum power output of 65W, which makes it ideal for charging both your Android and Apple devices.

The GaNPrime power adapter has a smart system that intelligently detects connected devices to ensure that the maximum amount of power is sent to each of them. With the GaNPrime charger, it is easy to charge more devices with the same outlet, while simultaneously saving energy and money. The GaNPrime adapter also detects the types of devices connected to it. The GaNPrime also optimizes charging according to the battery life of each device, allowing it to last a longer time between charges.

GaNPrime’s low-battery detection

Anker’s latest USB power strips feature power-saving technologies that prioritize the charging of devices with the lowest battery levels over others. The new technology, called GaNPrime, can also detect which devices are connected, and it prioritizes the charging of these devices based on their energy needs. Consequently, you’ll get faster charging time for your devices and better battery life for your devices.

The GaNPrime power features are available on the Anker 615 USB Power Strip and the Anker 733 Charging Station, two of which have AC and two USB-C ports. The 615 is a 65-watt power strip that comes with two AC and two USB-C ports. It costs about $70, and it comes with a welcome guide and 24-month warranty. If you’re concerned about safety, Anker has dedicated customer support.

In addition to detecting low-battery levels, the GaNPrime chargers are designed to optimize charging for the connected devices. They factor in the current battery life of the devices connected to the power strips. GaNPrime power strips feature two AC outlets, two USB-C ports, and a single USB-A port. The low-battery detection technology also means that you can charge more devices at once, and enjoy increased battery life.

The GaNPrime chargers incorporate Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ technology to monitor your devices’ power needs. This enables it to adjust the distribution of power from the chargers to individual devices to improve charging time by up to 62 minutes. With GaNPrime chargers, you can charge two 67W MacBook Pro 14″ at the same time, and only one battery will be drained, allowing you to keep working.

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